Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Invisible Panhandlers???

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Anonymous said...

At least "panhandlers" get theirs honestly~

Here is how the "experts" do it.

Local fans looking for the best deal on East Coast Music Awards' shows are better off buying their tickets in person than online.

While tickets for the EMCA gala Feb. 10 have been advertised at $50 apiece, the cost for tickets purchased online is $67, while the cost of tickets purchased by phone or at the box office is almost $60.

The discrepancy comes after the fees and taxes have been calculated. Online buyers also pay another $1 fee for the Internet transaction.

ECMA spokeswoman Wendy Phillips said the surcharge is part of an agreement the Aitken University Centre has with its online provider.

Tickets bought by phone or at the box office cost less than online, she said.

Aitken University Centre box office manager Vicky Melanson said some customers are taken aback by the difference.

She's urged ECMA organizers to change their advertising to indicate the full price of the tickets is almost $60 once taxes and the $3 Aitken University Centre fee are tacked on.

Phillips said the ECMAs are looking to note in its advertising that the real cost for a ticket for the gala purchased by telephone or in person at the university box office is $59.89.

Melanson said the additional $7 fee per ticket attached to online purchases is charged by, the online provider of the ticket service.

"It's not our fee,'' she said. "It's what charges for the convenience (of buying online).''

Scam along silvery moon

Anonymous said...

Geez, how hard is it to set up a paypal account.