Saturday, January 19, 2008

Is the ECMA in Fredericton an event for the very rich only???

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Anonymous said...

More like for the tone deaf?

Just Passing said...

It really was only a matter of time. I suppose it will only get worse as the ECMA's draw near. I am sure we will be treated to an ever increasing number of negative comments and attacks all because Charles didn't get what he wanted. Now I suspect those like mikel will of course say "Oh Charles you shouldn't do that"...then as usual offer multiple paragraphs of all the many excuses as to why in fact it's really ok for Charles to say what he does. That if they had just given him want he wanted then he would be saying only good things. Thus actually making the ECMA's the guilty party and again the convenient excuse for the behavior of Charles.

Anonymous said...

And straight forward naturally real non phoney human behavior.
Stink like a butterfly
fly like a bee.
Let er roll.right jellyossy

mikel said...

What did you expect? They won't let Charles in so he's supposed to have nothing but positive things to say? If somebody hits you do you compliment them? Use your brain man, thats why you have one.

The ECMA is pretty elitist, but not for the very rich only. In order to attend the tickets are $50 which isn't much higher than most other concerts. So far as I know there aren't many concerts 'for the poor'-ticketmaster has made sure of that.

Charles raises an interesting blog, its good to see some of these from a poverty perspective. If you can't go to something because of money, then of course you're going to criticize it on those grounds.

So I wouldnt' say he 'shouldn't say it'. That doesn't make him look paranoid like the other post, it just makes him look pissed off, which I'm sure he is.

For tickets you can pay up to $200 for the 'premium tickets' and I suspect only rich people would pay that, but it goes down to $15 for some of the daytime concerts, so since Charles asked a question, we can answer 'no'.

Charles should get hold of some of those artists for interviews, while those who run it may not want anything to do with him, maritime artists will take any kind of publicity they can get (if their smart). The concert listings and prices and artists are available at

You see how much you can learn and add to the discussion when you don't just gripe all the time JP?

Anonymous said...

Well, by banning bloggers from their event, the ECMAs certainly have taken a side in the ongoing war against corporate totalitarianism in the province`s newspaper media.

I sincerely doubt the fans or artists are of the same philosophical opinion.

Meghan-ECMA said...

ECMA actually isn't just for the rich. In fact the event has plenty of FREE programming throuout the weekend including the Discovery Stage at Sweetwaters (formerly the 72-hour jam) and Fan Fest at the Regent Mall (Saturday) where big name East Coast artists will be performing for FREE all day in the food court and signing autographs for fans after their shows. The Playhouse will also be offering three FREE shows in association with CBC Radio: Jian Ghomeshi (host of Q) will be hosting a FREE show on Friday, February 8th at noon with Joel Plaskett (7 time ECMA nominee), Wintersleep ( 5 time ECMA nominee) and Carmen Townsend. At 3:30pm on Friday, Paul Castle of SHIFT will be hosting another FREE show at the Playhouse, this time with performances by David Myles, Damhnait Doyle backed up by members of Slowcoaster, Meaghan Smith, Duane Andrews and Thom Swift. And then Stephanie Domet of Atlantic Airwaves will host a FREE hiphop/jazz show at the Playhouse on Saturday at 5:00pm. All of these shows are free and everyone is welcome. Plan to get there early because once the theatre is full, they won't be letting more in.
So even if you can't afford the big ticket shows, you can catch many of the big ticket artists for FREE over the weekend. Also, the bulk of the shows over ECMA weekend are well under $50, most are as low as $10 in fact, and the lineups for these shows are incredible for such a cheap ticket. Rich or poor, the ECMA'a have something for everyone.
Hope to see you all out February 7th to the 10th!!!

Just Passing said...

Well at least your predictable mikel. So just let me get this straight in your mind..(and I use that word loosely) it is ok for Charles to insult and attack the ECMA's because he didn't get a press pass? Are you so naive as to think he would have posted anything negative had they given him one? That he would have worried about the social ramifications of the less fortunate in relation to the cost of tickets to the ECMA's had they slipped him that pass? Do you actually think he would have even asked the above question if he had a pass in hand? Are you really that blind? It was never suggested that Charles MUST say only good things. I only pointed out the obvious vindictiveness of a Charles scorned and his all too typical reaction. The kind of reaction that bears little resemblance for any kind of concern for anyone except himself. See how little you add to a discussion when you spend all your time defending inexcusable actions. But then again I expected nothing more of you mikel and I wasn't disappointed.

Truth about ECMA Media Credentials said...

The ECMAs have not banned bloggers. There are several bloggers on staff, among those attending, and as part of the media.

What the ECMA does have to do, is limit their media credentials to those who will give the most exposure. If they gave every blogger who applied credentials, then everyone would start a free blog and get to attend the event for free. Instead, the ECMAs have compromised, by putting a public relations expert in charge of determining whether a publication warrants legitimacy.

It's fairly obvious from reading Charles blog that his blogging, while well read, is unpredictable, poorly written, and can be very mean spirited. I am sure the ECMAs are open to giving credentials to critical media, that's not what I mean to say. Reasonable and constructive criticism is not a hallmark of this blog.

Charles LeBlanc said...

There's other bloggers in New Brunswick more popular than moi????

Are these people under an anonymous name???

Please sent me the link????


I believe I did a good job at the Harvest@Jazz Festival?

But as for the ECMA? Only Irving's employees will be allowed in so if people want a picture?

They will have to pay!!!

That's a fact!!!!

I'm not that crazy in going in there anyway?

Too high class for this blogger.

Hey? They're even at Sweetwaters!!!!

I would be welcome in there with open arms!!!


mikel said...

Pointing out the obvious doesn't add much more to it JP, and there's nothing wrong with being predictable, its usually a good thing.

That's absolutely right that its predictable that Charles would say negative things because he was refused admission, again, perfectly predictable, and nothing wrong with it. If asking 'is it for the very rich' is your idea of negative and insulting you must either be a saint or live in a box-what a sheltered life you must lead.

Charles just asked a simple question which sounds negative because he wasn't answered for a press pass. Like most organizations I'm sure there's lots of little policies that could be railed on endlessly, so thats hardly insulting.

It was a simple question that raised a good point, and I answered the question, which at least adds more than your endless tirades against Charles-at least find some criticisms that everybody doesn't already know!

And now we have even more of an answer, we've got a post from the ECMA themselves explaining all about all their policies and free concerts, so now people with no money know more about them. I doubt the other media offer as much info, in fact I was at the ECMA website and didn't see anything about free concerts so there you go.

Charles raised a good point, it was answered and the ECMA got more publicity and people now have more information about it. We know that that's not your idea of 'socially relevant', but thats your business. For all those who now have more information, and maybe information that will get them to some free shows-they have Charles to thank.

As for what he would have posted if he had a press pass we simply don't know, so its pointless to conjecture about it. Your theme is that IF Charles gets want he wants from a group or organization he will be nice to them, and mean if he doesn't. Thats absolutely right, and its predictable. Not only that but its perfectly in line with what just about everybody on the planet does. Irvings used to call their editorials "we say" and they'd pummel the government whenever there was legislation or actions they didn't like. Thats because its perfectly normal to react negatively to people who are negative to you-its straight from the old testament-an eye for an eye.

Why this simple fact continues to amaze you is beyond me, but as I've said, your 'predictable' posts are almost as entertaining as Charles, in fact we should start gambling with predictions on how long it takes Charles to recieve a criticism on various complaints.

Anonymous said...

WOW,that must of hurt passin,get your wind back yet?

The fact is,the top nb blogger was rejected,but I assume charles can still get a ticket,and he and his camera can still attend and he can still do the job for us,that he is qualified for.
So it is obvious,that passin and some more of the Irving and liberals,are trying to limit the real facts from getting out,by threatening all organizations with fund limiting.
If you can't be bought it confuses liberals.

Truth about What Was Said said...

No one said you weren't a popular blogger. Being popular is not indicative of quality in journalism.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Who'a a jornalist???

I'll be too busy taking pictures.

I would like to know who's in charge of the ECMA in Fredericton?

I never bothered asking around?

The Irvings???? Sweetwaters????

The Liberals???


I got to blog this issue.

Has to be the Irvings?