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Yes, this is a very serious issue that would only happen in a third world country.

People are charge by the Saint John Police force and are told they have no right to a lawyer.


When I was charge in Saint John?

Legal Aid New Brunswick twice denied me the right to a lawyer.


The system knew that I couldn’t afford a lawyer so therefore I had to represent myself in court.


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It would have been an impossible task because I wouldn’t have known how the system works?

A fine example is when Harold Doherty first approached me on this issue and asked me - What did the Police say in their disclosures?


I quickly answered - Disclosures? What’s that????

He soon found out that I didn’t know nothing about the Justice system.

Lets say that I would have represented myself?

I would have been found guilty and put on probation.

Once I broke the probation? I would have landed in Jail.

Once behind bars? I would have had an attitude problem therefore punching someone in the face.

The guards or the Government would have told the Judge - Charles has a behavior problem. He has ADHD!!!

The Judge would have add years to my sentence.

I was told that it’s up to the Federal Government to give more money to this Province for Legal Aid?

This is very scary stuff!!!

How many people are in jail because they had no right to a lawyer when they were charge by the Saint John Police Force?

Is this just a way to keep the less fortunate in jail for years????

Is this the reason the P.C. Party never bought this issue during questions period at the New Brunswick Legislature???

Because they knew that it's a way to silent the less fortunate in this Province!!!

After the verdict of the Judge, I was confronted by the media. The first thing I said - I wish you people would cover the issue that I was denied the right to a lawyer!!!!

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This was way before we ever heard of Ashley Smith!!!!


Why isn't the main stream media covering this issue?

Good question????


Snowman said...

Looks like you wanna punch the premier with your closed fists on the first picture and your angry face. You kinda looks threatening towards him. Why isn't the mainstream media covering the story? You should ask your hero from the CBC?

Anonymous said...

What kind of insanity is post number 10:06? Jesus people - get a grip on it.

Charles - you are right in pointing out the slanted role of the judiciary in the ongoing economic battles.

How do people taking millions in shady business transactions (i.e. Enron) do less time than a petty thief?

Oh yeah - they crash airplanes into the buildings holding the records ( 1).

Just Passing said...

Hard to believe anonymous 11:45 can tell someone to get a grip and then include a link to about a 9/11 conspiracy web about insanity.

Anonymous said...

just passing,911 was an inside job! Conspiracy no, just the facts prove otherwise! Tell us why building 7 went straight down and never was hit by either plane because your so smart we figure that you have all the answers? What about the iranian boats v us warships the other day with fake transmission,suppose thats a conspiracy as well? hold on while i get my tin foil hat on and await your answer!

Telling it like it is said...

Charles, please show me where in Canadian law you have the "right" to a lawyer? You don't. Legal aid is a privilege, not a right.

You did not qualify based on current Legal Aid NB policies (likely because you were not facing true jail time but rather a conditional sentence and/or fine). Plain and simple.

But all the above is likely irrelevant to you and the rest of the nut case conspiracy theorists that seem drawn to this blog moths to a flame. Its a shame really, at one time you actually served a public service with your blog. Now you've descended in to libel, and paranoid rants. You are no longer relevant and less and less people take you seriously. Time to rethink your approach or shut it down my friend.

Anonymous said...

Section Ten of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms specifies rights upon arrest or detention, including the rights to consult a lawyer and the right to habeas corpus

Will this do dimbulb?

Anonymous said...

The right to consult a lawyer is considered to be important, and the courts have been understanding if, even in cases in which the person arrested or detained preferred not to see any lawyer, it is later argued section 10 is violated because the arrested or detained person did not know any better. This applies, for example, to cases in which the arrested or detained person has a low IQ.[1]

Section 10 has also been held not only to guarantee the right to see a lawyer, but also a right to be told that one may see a lawyer, a right to legal aid, and a right to be told that one may seek legal aid.[1] Although the right to counsel itself could be found in the 1960 Canadian Bill of Rights, the right to be told that one may see counsel is new to Canadian bills of rights. Indeed, in the Bill of Rights case Hogan v. The Queen (1978), the Supreme Court found the right to be told that one may see a lawyer did not exist even in a penumbra[clarify] of the Bill of Rights. "In effect," Professors F.L. Morton and Rainer Knopff write, "section 10(b) of the Charter overrules Hogan."[2]

In R. v. Bartle (1994) the Supreme Court ruled that rights to be informed that one may seek counsel included rights to be told of duty counsel and how to obtain it (e.g., through a free telephone call).

[edit] Habeas corpus
Here it tells "telling it like it hahhahaha" that even you "LOW BLOW,hhaa" have awrite to a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

The Law has been set up on purpose to confuse people with doublespeak and leagal jargon that means nothing like the written words on paper,,Those Charges could be used by Police like a snowball running downhill gathering more stuff along the way like more fines, breaches etc which could land a person in jail with serious time and have seen it done many times!

Legal Aid is set up like it is on purpose to make the poor plead guilty as there is no other way out to the uneducated and or poor other than to plead guilty! if you can let us know the resources for the poor that shows them exactly how to manage thier own legal affairs,papers documents etc and where to find free legal advice to make sure its done properly and not loose on a technicality please do so!
OTHERWISE POOR People are being denied a proper and full defense by being denied legal aid!

Go watch ENDGAME by Alex Jones and the whos the NUT CASE Conspiracy Theorist then? If you cant beat them you call them a nut!