Wednesday, January 30, 2008


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This afternoon, I decided to take a walk up the hill and visit the workers on strike at St.Thomas.


Once there, I noticed I was coughing a lot.

Yes, this cold of mine have been with me way too long.

Once I caught my breath, I continue my walk till St.Thomas.

I noticed the media is still covering this issue.

Erin O'halloran from ATV News was there filming the striking workers.


I had a difficult time stopping coughing.

I chatted with a few strikers and noticed the Chalmers hospital not far away.


I really hate going in there because it takes so long!!

My cousin suggested that I should seek from professional help because I had this darn cough for way too long!!!

I arrived there at 3:20pm!!


I was quickly directed to a room where two health care workers took over.

One guy check the temperature in my ear and blood pressure.

While the other worker took some info from me.

The health Care worker asked me if I was allergic to anything?

I quickly replied- Nahhh..... just politicians!!!

The other health care worker shot back- You forgot to add the Saint John Police Force!!!

Pictures 055

Well, I had a fan of the blog in the room and that was a good thing.

I was told that I might have to wait for a couple of hours.

I was directed to the waiting room.

Good old Bert was there. The poor guy hut his leg. He's not a bad guy!!!!

We joked that he always get hurt when he's sober!!!


Sitting in the corner was a woman and she was reading AN IRVING PAPER!!!!!

Well, It’s very difficult for a person with true ADHD to stay in a waiting room in silence.

It’s an impossible task!!

Being Charles? That Irving paper started a conversation and talk I did!!!

YAK YAK YAK!!!!!...I went on!!!!

I would always warned the poor woman that I was just passing the time.

The poor girl hurt her back and there was no escape!!!lol..

We chatted about all kinds of issues from French Immersion to Autism!!!

Finally the girl got a huge smile on her face once my name was called!!

It took around one hour and a half!!!!!!


I was directed to a small room and the curtain was shut!!

It bothered me to stay still in a room all alone so I put my music on. I grabbed a magazine and look at the title??


After a while, I opened the curtain.

Right in front of me was the front desk with all the health care workers and trust me!!!

They were busy!!!

I decided to lay back and watch our health care workers in action.

Different stripes walked by from nurses, doctors, nurses Aid, cleaners and many other titles that I wouldn’t know.

Everyone was moving fast and they knew exactly what their job was.

I wish I could have taken some pictures from where I was sitting. You just have to trust me on this one!!!

They chatted among themselves in a very short order and carried on with their work.

It was a show and the action was right in front of me!!!

I would say that 90% were female workers.

They were professionals in their line of work.

For a minute, I believe that I was forgotten?

One worker came to me and put me on a machine so my lungs would be cleared.

A female doctor came along gave me a check up!!!

Another worker came along and took some blood.

Seconds later, a worker told me to blow in a small bottle!!

I blew 88%!!! Not bad for a smoker eh??

Afterwards, a worker bought me over for an X-ray!!

I was greeted by a very friendly female health Care worker and she X-Rayed my lungs.


I was again re-directed to the small room and I waited while the health care workers were moving very fast right in front of me.

My God? They’re good!!!!

The female doctor came along and invited me to see my X-Ray!

This was the first time I ever seen my lungs.


She gave me a prescription for a few items and out the door I went!!!

You know what?

Over three hours in a hospital is not bad?


I had a major check up on my body and everything was ok!

It didn’t cost me one single cent.

How long would I have to wait if I did a tune on a vehicle??

The longer you wait? The more it would cost!!

My God? I believe we are spoiled rotten!!!

Yes, I learn one thing from my experience at the Dr. Chalmers hospital.

This was just one area of the hospital I seen so I can just imagine what’s going on in the whole building?

Forget that!!! What about every hospitals in New Brunswick?

We have a group of professionals who are working very hard for the health of New Brunswickers.

They move and they move fast!!!!

It was an amazing sight!!!!

The only individual that I felt sorry for was the poor woman who was force to listen to my stories. Poor Girl just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time!!!

I hope her back is better!!!!!

New Brunswickers should be proud of their health care workers!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice positive blog Charles!! You should write more like these.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I write about the Good, the bad and the Ugly.

If something good happens to me?

I'll write it!!!

If something bad such as the Liberal Christmas Party or the refusal of the ECMA?

I'll blog the issue.

God know what's going to be my next blog?


Anonymous said...

i am personally (keyword: personally, as in this is my own opinion) appalled by our health care workers. absolutely digusted on the verge of that i would almost rather crawl in a corner and wait for my times up then have to step foot into the ER and be seen.

i also, was at the hospital yesterday. actually, i was there all day for the birth of my best friends baby. shame i didn't see you. i really enjoy your blog and i check it everyday, and to be quite honest, if i would've seen you, i would've told you to get out of there while you had the chance. i am quite surprised they helped you, or anybody for that matter. i wish they would've done the same when my fiance went in there looking for serious help and they shrugged him off. told him to eat two banana's a day and sent him on his way. would you like to know what happened? he died 3 days later.

they didn't do their job, and i know what their job is because my mom worked there years ago and doctors from moncton and halifax and everyone else that we've spoken to since this happened, were shocked that, that was how they handled things at this hospital. shame on them.

i only know of one nurse that was good enough to stay behind after her shift to calm my fiance down when he was nothing but scared. i was hoping she would be there yesterday so i could thank her for being the only person who seemed to care, but unfortunately she wasnt.

for the rest of them who were there the night we sat and waited from 5pm to 2am just to tell him to eat 2 banana's a day, can shove those bananas up their assholes.

i'm sorry i went overboard on a comment, but i am tired of hearing people praise these damn people who are "supposed" to help us, but don't.

i hope you feel better soon, charles.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Well....By the way they were moving?

I believe maybe Ottawa should put more money in the Health Care system?

I'm glad you enjoy the blog. Keep on reading!!!

Anonymous said...

Another "personal" perspective is that the health care profession is not an easy one to work in (my husband worked in a psychiatric hospital) and I commend anyone who can work emergency. From crying babies to screaming adults to everything in between. They are verbally abused and harassed often.
I spend a short time there for a surgery and started out in emergency. They were very professional and understanding.
If we paid for our health care I can bet half of what shows up in emerg would not go. Let's face it, you got the flu, go to the after hours or your family doctor (If you have one). I value my time and the time of health care professionals too much to waste it on a cold.
Anyway, just my "personal" opinion.
And yes, they do make mistakes - perhaps cause they are overworked.

nbt said...

Glad you're ok Charles!! But you have to remember that the long waits (over two to three months) can be deadly for those waiting for cancer treatment and uncomfortable for those waiting for a hip replacement. Again, the system may work for those who clog the cue with a runny nose, but it is broken for those who really need it.

nbt said...

Plus, it's easier to find bigfoot in Canada than a family doctor.

Anonymous said...

hey charlies there is an article on the ecma in cbc site, way cool should read...

Anonymous said...

Did no one tell you,you had copd?

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD

Charles LeBlanc said...


You mean there's doctors reading this blog these days????

How can you tell that I would have


Anonymous said...

Black Brrrrr Lungs.Next will be O2
Unless your camera is not working good,and it has been working very good,and why is it working so good,you were having lot of trouble with it?

Charles LeBlanc said...

It gets better with age!!!

Just like the blogger!!!!


Anonymous said...

"Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)"

That's where a cop kneels on your back, crushing your lungs, right?

Charles has had a bit of that in his day - thankfully the smokes haven't prevented him from continuing on in his mission to rid Fredericton of the corruption which has wrecked Saint John.

Anonymous said...

And if you ever get COPD you will BEG for your life,BUT it will be TOO LATE.And YOU will WISH it were only a COP,suffocating you.

Just spare me the sight of you walking with your O2 bottle,because I know you are on your last days and it scares me.

Charles LeBlanc said...

There's only one itty bitty problem???

I don't fear death but after saying this?

I'm really thinking hard of quicking smoking!!!

Now...that's going to be hard!!!!

Anonymous said...

I also fear NOTHING,
until I see its head peeking around the corner.
So I quit liquor and smoke bout 6 years ago,cause I simply refused to buy another high taxed Item.

Never a day goes by,that I don't get a GREAT surge of happiness,knowing I extend my chances of a longer and more enjoyable life,especially with the great family I have and in a time of great technology of which I am constantly (nearly) on top of.
But what anyone else does is their business.

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlie, I am the woman from the waiting room in this blog... I told you I'd read it! My back still hurts, but they took good care of me.. and no cortisone! I too was impressed with how thorough they were (though I have not always said that). It was nice to meet you. I am glad this was a positive entry in your blog!


Charles LeBlanc said...

Heyyyyyyyy!!!! Glad you're ok!!!!

I hope your back gets better and don't forget what J.K Irving told me about smoking????


Anonymous said...

KC Irving would not hire a smoker or someone who wore a belt,cause if they weren't hitching their pants up,they were rolling a cigarette