Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rookie Liberal MLA Chris Collins had a fist fight with a member of the P.C. Party???

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I was debating to blog this one?

It’s sad but it goes to show ya a lot of things can happen in the New Brunswick politics.

I remember the time that Stuart Jamieson and Milt Sherwood almost went at it in the Cafeteria of the New Brunswick Legislature.

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Well, this time around it happen in a bar in Moncton.

Chris Collins < rookie Liberal Mla from Moncton > walked in and a member from the P.C. Party reminded the young politician that he got elected because of the sympathy vote.

His son Sean died of Cancer.


That did it for the poor grieving father and a fist fight followed.

My god??? That’s terrible!!!

I wonder who’s the jerk from the P.C. Party who mentioned that sick comment?

Does anyone know?

Good for Chris to stand up against sad comments like this one?


P.S.- I heard this story this afternoon and I was told it was in the washroom of the New Brunswick Legislature.

I was wrong...It was just on the CBC!!! I was ready to press - Post Blog but CBC saved the day!!!

Thank God for CBC!!!!...

Here's the story -

MLA apologizes for bar 'confrontation'

Last Updated: Thursday, January 24, 2008 | 3:20 PM AT
CBC News

A New Brunswick Liberal MLA has apologized for what he calls a "confrontation" that took place at a Fredericton bar.

Moncton East MLA Chris Collins presented a written statement on Thursday that said an incident he was involved in December was unacceptable and out of character.

Fredericton police have been investigating an allegation filed by another man regarding an assault on Dec. 19 at the Back Nine bar.

"There was a confrontation that occurred that involved me and another individual," says Collins' statement. "I deeply regret allowing myself to become involved in such an incident. It was completely out of character for me."

In the short statement Collins goes on to say it wouldn't be appropriate to discuss what led to the confrontation at the bar. The investigation is ongoing, police said.

"I can only speak for myself in saying what happened was unacceptable," Collins writes. "My family and friends understand this is not in my nature. I apologize to them, colleagues and coworkers for any strain this may have caused them."

Collins' office has said he won't be commenting further on the incident.

Collins is a former Moncton city councillor. He was elected to the provincial riding of Moncton East in a March 2007 byelection after former premier Bernard Lord resigned from politics.

Collins' 12-year-old son, Sean, died of cancer in July 2007.


Anonymous said...

Liberals love their liquor particularly if its free.

Anonymous said...

Ya rien come un bon cout point dans la djeul pour radorcer une face de tchu.
Good for Chris!
The bum got what he deserved.
Next time he might watch what he sais.

-- maurice the homeless guy --