Thursday, January 24, 2008


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Think about it for one minute???

The other media outlets don’t have a website where the news of the day is located.

Stories such as my arrest in Saint John would have been totally ignored.

The verdict of my trial had to be printed in the New York Times before the Irvings told its readers.


Very sad....

The reason behind this is because of lack of resources.

Global News is laying off employees so less news event will be covered in this Province.

If CBC put a story on their website? I’ll use it and paste it on my blog.

This is a good way for the readers to debate the issue in of the day.

Now we come to the Evil Irving Empire.


Any stories they cover? New Brunswickers are not allowed to use their stories to debate the concern issue.

The Irvings are pure evil and this was proven when they made a complaint to Google that I used a story of a young person who died 2 years ago!!!

They demanded that I remove the story from my blog.

The Senate must come back and investigate the Irving’s monopoly in this Province.

It's just like old germany all over again in New Brunswick! Once Hitler took power? He took control of the media to brainwash the people in Germany. Same would happen here if we didn't have the CBC!!!!


Just like the ECMA? They made certain that only their photographers will be allowed to take pictures of the events so they can sell them to the public.


Yes, we are very lucky to have the CBC in New Brunswick.

What would New Brunswickers do without the CBC?

They sure could run a better open line Talk Show but beside that?


They are a very useful tool of communication for New Brunswickers.

Ok Spinks???? It’s your turn!!!




Anonymous said...

What would NBers do without the CBC?

I have an answer to that question, but I can’t give it to you for fear of offending their 8 viewers.


Spinks said...

8 viewers? Numbers must be up this month. ;)

Seriously though, as I've written numerous times my preferance as a taxpayer who funds the CBC to the tune of a billion dollars a year would be to see it continue. However it shouldn't be using tax dollars to compete with the private sector and they seriously need an infusion of some diversity of thought. The groupthink mentality (plagues most newsrooms but CBC to a greater degree) is killing them and I'm a firm believer that is one of the main reasons people are tuning them out.

Oh, and thanks for asking Charles.

Anonymous said...

I only listen to the Maritimes this week now and again - but the national CBC has some explaining to do regarding their ongoing and past coverups of Sibel Edmonds that I`m not really about to forgive them anytime soon for the coverage of Canada`s "war on terror", 9/11, Canada`s drug war and Iran-Contra.

I can understand them covering up Canadian blunders, but to not question the United States without a shred of solid evidence - the Taliban were willing to give up bin laden if they were given evidence...

Was it so unpatriotic to double check with our people whether this existed? Is anyone else unnerved that our current Prime Minister wanted to get us into Iraq after knowing that the US didn`t have any evidence they could actually admit?

The CBC should grow some balls. At the local and provincial level, I don`t think I`ve heard a better pair of interviews from New Brunswickers on the subject of politics in a good long time:

The CBC would waste half our time with quips, talking points and platitudes - while leaving whole segments of the argument or issue untouched. They are tame and could be the most potent source of central media the world has ever known - far better than the BBC or the American offerings.

If the CBC wanted to the bottom of an issue, they darn well should be able to. If they need some topics (they definitely need to get their act together, you can hardly separate them from corporate junk) they could just send a guy out with Charles to interview people... They`d never know what hit them!

Anonymous said...

It is that slow faggy voice most of them have,like they "cloned"

Snowman said...

The question should be: what would NBers do without you?