Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Shawn Graham is no Bernard Lord!!!!

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Some people were concern with some pictures of myself and the Premier.

While walking in the Farmer's Market over one week ago, I walked by Sheri Shannon.

She's the side kick of Shawn Graham.

I said - Hi there!!!

Shawn Graham shouted at me and we had a little chat.

While chatting I handed my camera to Sheri and said - Take a few pictures of the Premier and I so I can crufify him in my blog!!!!

Shawn just stayed there and played along.


He's the Premier of the Province and he doesn't have to give me the time of day.

Shawn knows that I can use these pics on a certain issue. Do you think Bernard Lord would have played along?

I don't think so?

I reminded Shawn more than once that he has to get rid of some people around him.

I said it in the past and I will say it again!!!

Shawn Graham is a very difficult individual to turn against!!!

You just cannot stay mad at the guy!!!

I'm trying but it's hard!!!


Anonymous said...

As long as you are in with him and he knows you are watching and keeping us informed,things should be ok.
It looks like you already got to him about the wind energy deal as he changed it to a good company.
Keep it up.

Spinks said...

That sure looks like a picture of Bernard Lord playing along Charles. ;)

Charles LeBlanc said...

lol....but if I would have told Bernard that I needed a few shots to crucify him in my blog?

He would have quickly left the area....lol

But Bernard wasn't a bad guy....

Anonymous said...

Good thing about the French is that if we loose our hearing ,Sign language comes Naturally! ha!

Anonymous said...

Lets hope no one is like this jerk.

Pablo Rodriguez: He might be honourable, but he's no gentlemanMonday, January 21, 2008 at 07:36 PM Comments: 44Previous Post Next Post
Now that the CBC has identified the reporter who wrote the questions for Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez to ask at Commons ethics committee hearing into the business dealings between Karlheinz Schreiber and Brian Mulroney as Krista Erickson, it is curious to hear what Pablo Rodriguez has to say.

Remember, the CBC has already declared that Krista Erickson broke the rules, and the CBC has already punished her. She has been reassigned to Toronto from Ottawa. For the CBC there is no question, therefore, that Krista Erickson did exactly what had been alleged, and that is write questions for Pablo Rodriguez to repeat like a trained seal at the hearing.

Krista Erickson has been taken to the woodshed over this. So what does Pablo Rodriguez do? He denies everything.

He's hiding behind her skirts, as they would have said long ago, a time when being a gentleman meant something.