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Complaints thumbs down-784494
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Complaints thumbs down-784494Complaints thumbs down-784494Complaints thumbs down-784494

Last week while reading a paper. I was approached by someone who shouted a big - HEY!!!!!

I didn’t hit the ceiling. I stayed calm.

I will not mention the guy’s name. < At least you know it’s a male and I might add he has a wicked temper! >


There was someone else present and he knew that he was going to witness a little show.

The guy first shook my hand with a friendly late Happy New Year!!

The friendly atmosphere quickly changes.

The guy said - Charles? You’re not a bad guy but you are an Asshole!!!!

This guy is quite high up with the Government.

He continued by telling me - This Government will not deal with Blackmailers!!!!

I quickly shot back - You mean a terrorist???? Right??

I knew exactly what he was talking about?

Before Christmas, I emailed a letter to the Premier’s office asking them to lift the ban from the Legislature.

If they didn’t? I will go public with the murder!

It’s such an emotional issue.

I did use a picture of the victim in my prediction for the year 2008.

After a barrage of emails asking me to remove the pic? I did just that!!!!

I mean I’m just going by what Kelly Lamrock told me?

I mean we don’t expect a lawyer-turned politician to lie do we?


The conversation continued.

He once again reminded me that I wasn’t a bad fella but I am an Asshole!!!!

He told me that if I continue to threaten the Liberals of gong public with the murder?

The liberals will haul me in court for harassment!!!

He reminded me that when they’re done with me? I wouldn’t be able to attend any events because I’ll be ordered to stay away from any politicians and bureaucrats.

He asked me if he has made himself very clear on this issue?

I shook his hand and said - Ohhhh??? When you sent the Police after me? You make sure that they investigate the issue of the Christmas Party at Sweetwaters???

bouncers 2sweetwaters

Sending three bouncers after me to have me harm!!!

The guy quickly said- Ohhhh that???? You were barred from Sweetwaters????

I quickly shot back- Hey? I heard that one also but how can you be barred from a club that you never been inside the building??? Plus, how can a person on welfare afford the high price drinks at Sweetwaters?

I could tell by the look in his face that he was confused.

Click below to read what happen to me at Sweetwaters -



The Liberals are trying to weasel their way out by saying that I was barred from Sweetwaters.


Someone is out to get me and the Premier office has been in contact with some lawyers and the Police.

The Police had a little chat with me last summer on this issue.

There’s one thing that I don’t understand?

Kelly Lamrock mentioned to me the murder and all hell broke loose.

I won’t go into the details yet but I will!!!

It’s filthy and dirty!

I tried to save face by not going public with this emotional issue but to no avail.

Once I go public with the details? This issue could go on for years.

This is not fair for the families involved in this but it’s not my fault!!!

An individual like myself with ADHD could have never come out with a story like this???

So? I believe the Irvings are in the Premier’s office to silent me!

What they will do is haul me in court to have my blog shut down and order me not to walk the streets in Fredericton because the MLA’S and bureaucrats are around.

Being Charles, I wouldn’t pay attention to such an order so therefore I would end up in Jail.

Once there, I would be treated just like Ashley Smith and end up in jail for years.


There’s many issues happening to me lately and I don’t like it!!!!

I tried to settle this issue but to no avail!!!!

What’s going to happen????

Truly stay tuned!!

P.S. I decided to write this little blog so if the Police haul me off the streets and charge me? At least the readers will know what’s going on?

Freedom of speech and honest convictions must stay alive in New Brunswick.

To condemn people without facts is not the way to go???



My God? I’m doing a lot of writing in this blog lately!!!! Just a trend I guess????


Ohhh???? One funny part to this story? The guy watching the exchange between myself and the Liberal guy?

Afterwards, he told the guy that calling Charles an asshole doesn't bother him because he hears it everyday!!!

As a matter of fact? He takes it as a complement!!!!

So if you believe you have hurt his feelings by calling him an Asshole? You are sadly mistaken!!!...lol


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a liberal party out of control,or never in control.

After next election a lot of those people are only potential bouncers,whilst Charles is a far flung read journalists,with many readers around the world,and, with Allah knows how many lawyers ready to assist him,and at least one judge who will support him.
The liberals may think the weather has the ice frozen thick,but looks more like they on thin ice.

Anonymous said...

Quick point - I'm no lawyer but if you know of a murder and who committed it and you are withholding that information from the police - is that not obstruction of justice and if you are then using that information to get what you want (i.e. back in the Legislature) is that not blackmail?
Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

you "GO GIRL"!

Anonymous said...

N.B. allegedly wanted to award $1.4B contract without public tender
Last Updated: Tuesday, January 22, 2008 | 10:42 AM AT
CBC News
The New Brunswick Liberal government is being accused by NB Power of pressuring the utility to award a $1.4 billion wind-energy contract without going to public tender.

The allegation was made in an affidavit filed by NB Power CEO and president David Hay in a legal dispute between the utility and Toronto-based SkyPower Corp.

The lawsuit revolves around whether a member of NB Power's board of directors sabotaged SkyPower's 2006 bid on the $1.4 billion contract.

SkyPower alleges it lost the 20-year contract because Norm Betts, a member of the utility's board and a former Conservative cabinet minister, was in a conflict of interest.

Betts is also a director of a wind-energy company, Ventus Energy Inc., which was also bidding on the NB Power contract. In Betts's affidavit, he says he told NB Power about his connection with Ventus and that he did not attend any board discussions about the wind energy project.

SkyPower had said that if it won the contract, it would set up a windmill manufacturing plant in Miramichi with its local partner, Atcon Construction, creating 200 jobs in the province. But the company didn't make the list of finalists for the contract.

Continue Article

According to court documents, Atcon was represented by lobbyist and former Liberal cabinet minister Doug Tyler. Tyler, who also works for the consulting firm Revolution Strategy, told CBC News he only took Atcon as a client in early 2007 and was not representing the company in 2006, when he co-chaired the transition team for the Liberals after they won the provincial election.

SkyPower allegedly tried to use the prospect of job creation as a way to get around the tendering process, according to Hay's affidavit.

The affidavit says that the government liked the job-creation concept and when SkyPower was rebuffed by NB Power, Hay was called into a meeting with Premier Shawn Graham, Energy Minister Jack Keir and other officials in January 2007.

"It was suggested to me at this meeting that NBP [NB Power] could consider the purchase of additional wind energy without embarking on a public tendering process," says Hay's affidavit.

The document doesn't indicate if it was Graham or another official that allegedly gave the order.

According to the affidavit, Hay says he indicated that NB Power's board would have to approve awarding the project without going to tender. But the board rejected it in February 2007, preferring to continue with its public tendering process that is meant to provide fair consideration to all proposals.

In May 2007, the government then issued a new tender for wind power, this time including the requirement of job-creation in the province, which SkyPower has again bid on.

According to SkyPower's court documents, however, the company says it believes it will lose to Ventus and wants a judge to block NB Power from awarding the contract and order them to restart the process.

NB Power, Betts, the premier's office and the Energy Department declined to comment.

No court date has been set yet and nothing in the court documents has been proven in court.

Anonymous said...


Big Deal.

Is this why liberals mad at you?

Did you have a way of screwing up the liberals "ALEDGED" crooked deal.

NB POWER a hands off government organization.hhhhhhaaaaaa,sure!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Something wierd somewhere.Wind energy not that proven a deal,but money is.

New Brunswick government announces wind farm on Lameque Island
8 hours ago

LAMEQUE, N.B. - The New Brunswick government has announced plans for a wind farm on Lameque Island in the province's northeast.

NB Power will sign a 25-year power purchase agreement for up to 49.5 megawatts of wind power with Acciona Wind Energy Canada. Acciona will construct, own, and operate the Lameque wind farm which will produce enough power to meet the electricity needs of about 8,900 homes.

The announcement is the first in a series of contracts that will see NB Power buy 300 megawatts of wind-generated electricity from private developers by November 2010.

Energy Minister Jack Keir says wind energy brings greater stability for rates in the future, because it lessens dependency on the uncontrollable prices of foreign oil and coal.

Acciona currently owns 192 wind farms in 12 countries.

The Lameque site will cost about $100 million.

Anonymous said...

Old maison C Leblanc,of windy energy was first again with breaking information,and will be able to block all other amateur publications from using his crappyrighted material.
Charles is out in front for this years eat my C,A awards