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I believe it was!!! My god? Do you have to be extra careful to say a bad word these days???


and that Al Sharpton???? Grrrrrrr


Kelly Tilghman back on air at Golf Channel
Last Updated: Thursday, January 24, 2008 | 6:18 PM ET
CBC Sports

Suspended Golf Channel anchor Kelly Tilghman returned to work Thursday and immediately apologized for an inappropriate remark that led to her being taken off the air.

Tilghman served a two-week suspension for suggesting, albeit jokingly, that challengers to Tiger Woods should "lynch him in a back alley."

The cover of Golfweek's Jan. 19 issue illustrated Kelly Tilghman's remark. The cover of Golfweek's Jan. 19 issue illustrated Kelly Tilghman's remark.
(Golfweek/Associated Press)

"I'm Kelly Tilghman," she said in a taped segment played at the top of Thursday's broadcast of the Buick Invitational.

"It is an honour to be with you again. In a recent live broadcast, I used an inappropriate word that was offensive to many.

"Over the last two weeks, I have taken this time to reflect and truly understand the impact of what I said. While I did not intend to offend anyone, I understand why those words were hurtful.

"I am terribly sorry for any hurt that I have caused. I would like to express my deepest apologies."
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Tilghman made the remark Jan. 4 in a conversation with analyst Nick Faldo during second-round coverage of the Mercedes-Benz Championship.

Woods accepted Tilghman's personal apology, reaffirming "there was no ill intent in her comments," but she was suspended when civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton got involved.

A week later, Golfweek magazine published an issue with a photograph of a noose on the cover above the headline, "Caught in a noose." The subtitle stated, "Tilghman slips up, and Golf Channel can't wriggle free."

Readers were outraged because the noose remains a symbol of lynching in the U.S., where, according to Tuskegee University, it is estimated that 3,466 African-Americans were hanged from 1882 to 1968.

Golfweek vice-president and editor Dave Seanor, who approved the cover, was subsequently fired Jan. 18.


Anonymous said...

Tiger dealt with this one and there is no wrong or right way really. He reacted based on how he felt. He didn't like the comment but he forgave the person - that is the way I understand it. It's his call. People should not be telling him after-the-fact how he should feel.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I never read anything on this article. Just seeing a large noose was insulting enough for me.

Fired sometimes is going to far but if a person doesnot excuse his actions and his convictions would not be swayed; then that would be the only way. In the end I know that somethings are not always intentional but sometimes it is exactly the attention they were seeking! Of course never intended that punishment would be so servere.

Anonymous said...

Those black people are just like little babies.
You cant even fart next to a black guy without getting called a racist.

The bigest racist are colored people.

There just looking for something to complain about.

-- maurice the homeless guy--

Charles LeBlanc said...

Maurice???? Calm down now,,,,,,

Be nice......

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Maurice - you are using racist language just to provoke. It is posts like that that give this blog a bad name. The comment by the golf commentator was in very poor taste and any reasonable person can understand that fact. Comments like that, just like yours above, need to be challenged, but if the person retracts them and expresses regret, as she has apparently done, then the person can redeem themselves. Tiger is allowing for redemption and we should respect that. What about you Maurice? Is there really hate in your heart? Or, is it all a game for you?

Anonymous said...

The blacks always complain about everything.
You don’t hear the Asians cry about everything.
Most Asians come here and work hard and make something out of there selves.
Ever listen to blacks talk?
They call each others the "n" word all the times but if a white person says the "n" word then the shit hits the fan.
If you watch cops 99% of the criminals are blacks.
But it’s probably not there fault that there criminals and on welfare, in street gangs and smoke crack. It must be the white mans fault.
Look at the Rodney King ordeal.
It wasn’t right what the cops did to him wether he deserved it or not.
But when the blacks burned the city and killed and beat the shit out of whites was that right?
They just proved to everyone what kind of race that they are.
As usual they blame everything on the white man.
If it only takes 1 word to freak them out there a bunch of babies.

-- maurice the homeless guy --

Anonymous said...

400 Years of Slavery an Segrigation causes all sorts of problems which are still deeply rooted and ongoing,now for the Natives thats another Story!

They couldnt make a slave out of a Indian so they just killed as many as possible instead!

Anonymous said...

So the British killed and tortured the French people.
They deported and killed the Acadians.
Are we still crying about everything like the colored people do?
There just a bunch of babies.
I’m not crying about what happened to my ancestors.
But there crying about everything that has ever happened in the last 400 years.
Grow up and move on for Christ sake.

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-- maurice the homeless guy --

Anonymous said...

I guess I am in the wrong blog if I am looking for reasoned discussion. All we get here is racist rant, followed by character assasinations, half truth and out-right fairy tale. That is it for me, goodbye for good. You and your best buddy Maurice can have this space all to yourself, Charles.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Ok see ya!
take care!
go to or and read there racial rambling noncence.

The Asians were treated as slaves.
They were given the worst jobs in history and the most dangerous too for the least pay.
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Do you hear Asians complain?
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Maurice the Homeless

Charles LeBlanc said...

Ok Maurice.....that's enough....

Anonymous said...

I prefer Maurice stays,and freedom of speech and thought stays.If Maurice or anyone else has reason or no reason to give his opinion of me or my Irish background,religion or no religion,go to it.
Because racism is only skin deep.And few are without it.As usual,the so called sophisticated are just more subtle,although rarely a day passes without somebody on media crying and apologizing for some racist saying,in order to protect their job.

"So the British killed and tortured the French people.
They deported and killed the Acadians."

See,just because Maurice never learned to read,doesn't mean someone should condemn him for the above foolish statement,Right?
I mean the french lost and thats it.Like maurice says,get over it.
"Let them eat cake"

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear such comments from people in 2008; maybe some people will never get it! They havenot been in their shoes.

Anonymous said...

there shoes? or there ancestors shoes?

My ancestors went through hell.
I dont still cry about what they have gone through.
Its in the past.

Do the blacks still cry about it? yes and they will allways will.

Anonymous said...

If you want Maurice to stop - don't post his obviously "racist" comments. It's just a poly to get others going.

My opinion, this had nothing to do with Al Sharpton he creates more grief than helps anything. Let's get on with the importnat stuff. yes, there were serious crimes committed against the black race and we should never forget it - and yes, there are still racist people out there but I don't think that lady was or is racist - it was a comment that everyone jumped on and made so much more out of it - people thrive on controversy. There is no superior Race, but there are superior mentalities about respect and everyone being a "human being".