Friday, January 25, 2008

What gives J.D. Irving special privilege to have his message on the front page????

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While sitting down someone decided to get me going.

Here Charles!!! Read this!!!!


J.D. Irving in the front page with his message!!!

Now? What gives J.D. Irving special privilege to get his message in the front page????

How come he didn’t just write a letter to the editor like everyone else???

What makes him so special to be on the front page???

Please make me understand????


Anonymous said...

Apparently he said ,if the largest news source in nb old maison,can put the old maison managers picture on ,making him better known than the Irvings something agressive needs to be done.

The Harsh Truth said...

Mr. Irving can get his message out because he is a major employer in one of New Brunswick's most important industries.

Forestry is in crisis and the entire sector - not just J.D. Irving - is looking for help so they can save their mills and save THOUSANDS of New Brunswick jobs.

They've developed a plan and have put that plan out for debate and hopefully action by the Graham government.

Do you know why he's on the front page and not you?

Because you're a bum Charles. You live off the hard earned money of taxpaying citizens. It's one thing to have a job and blog on the side. It's another to sit on welfare and play make-belief that you are a journalist.

You're selfish, self-righteous, petty and far to pugnacious.

Get a job and stop being a drain on society.

All the best,
The Harsh Truth

Charles LeBlanc said...

I remember when the Government wanted to cut my check a few months ago.

I quickly held a meeting with some high power bureaucrats and demanded they contact the New Brunswick Human Rights people.

I wanted them in the room!!!

These racists members of the Commission reach a verdict behind close doors that people with ADHD are close to mental retardation!!!

You got a problem????

You contact those idiots.

I'm just going for the ride and there's many more issues coming to this blog very soon!

Stay tuned!!!!

Charles LeBlanc said...

ohhhhhh??? One more thing???

It must be sad to be an Irving employee and leave a comment like you did???

How can you sleep at night????


Charles LeBlanc said...

ohhhhhh??? One more thing???

It must be sad to be an Irving employee and leave a comment like you did???

How can you sleep at night????


mikel said...

That was a rude comment, but he did have a point. The forestry industry is a big factor in New Brunswick, and I'm pretty sure that other forestry meetings like this have had front page coverage-especially if there is nothing else going on.

What is more troubling is the lack of any kind of 'journalism', this is hardly 'debate'. Irving says 'thousands of jobs or more money for us'. That's NOT a 'debate', its an ultimatum.

Virtually none of the comments by any of the speakers were even challenged or responded to. Up until the year 2000 these companies were making a 'thieving' fortune because the stumpage fees on crown land were set at 70% of fair market value. In other words YOUR trees were sold off for far less than they are actually worth.

Meanwhile, small woodlot owners had to pay stumpage fees that were 100% of fair market value.

In 2000 Lord's government changed that. They didn't like it, but the tories have a point-isn't 'the market' supposed to determine prices? That helped the province avoid the software embargo in the states.

So the stumpage fees went back to 100% for crown land, just AFTER the boom years were over. Now, what is really odd is that two weeks ago the Irving editors ran editorials praising Graham for 'standing tough' and not bailing out forestry companies. Now, hmmm, I wonder how many of those editorials we'll see.

So apparantly 'the market' isn't quite good enough, they want BETTER than the market, in other words a SUBSIDY, in other words a HANDOUT. Like the kind our friend above chastises Charles for taking. And of course Charles at least works for a living, the Irvings don't 'work', they are owners so they 'make decisions'. You don't see them sweat too often. Come to Ontario, you can see their stables at Palgrave, its a beautiful sight and they don't look too worried about losing their fortunes.

And keep in mind that this is even after a quarter of a billion subsidy was given three years ago to 'help modernize', which means 'lay off workers'. If you think that Irving really cares that much about workers, well, you really don't know much about Irvings, and don't remember the refinery strike of the mid nineties.

For those who think there is 'no choice', there is an easy choice. First, STOP allowing cutting on crown land to multinational corporations. They are leaving anyway, don't make the same mistake that was made with UPM-you remember, give them 6 million to stay open and they leave anyway. Of course the government is no help there, as gypsy says 'they own them', and unions can't even get the government to take seriously the allegations that UPM is still cutting on crown land and shipping logs elsewhere.

Throw them out of the province, and then use your brains. There is a LOT of crown land, so divide the licenses among current forestry workers, private woodlot owners, and natives. The last two are the only ones who have actually hired MORE workers, not less. Give each member a license on some acreage and let the market do the rest. The smart people will turn 'their' wood into value added products and make a better living than they currently do-even hire more people.

Others will either go out of business or make less but at least have some lumber to sell and that at least is trying something.

But that of course means getting out from under the thumb of huge multinational corporations who are invisible when times are good, and want bailouts when times are bad.

That's just one idea, probably lots of people have more, but thats what a 'debate' sounds like, certainly not what was on the front page of the paper.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Drain on Society is The Goverment and The Corporations,Hardly Charles!