Thursday, February 07, 2008

As a member of the P.C. Party Wally Stiles never face any protesters!!!

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I got to give credit where its due!!! The Liberals came out to face the protesters.

During my four years in the Capital when the P.C. Party were in power? Never once would they come out. I wonder why???

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Anonymous said...

When do protesters protest?

When they recognize a weak wimpy opposition.

Where did the Natives chose to protest?
In a weak wimpy Ontario.

Why is Canada losing ground in the corruption Index?

Why is the soon to be ,former top blogger,making a fool of himself,defending liberals,who are trying and will succeed in making him a none person?

Charles LeBlanc said...

Moi defending the Liberals????

I don't think so!!!!

You just stay tuned till next week when the Liberals will support that poor party members can be beat up by thugs!!!

Now, this is going to be big!!!!

This issue will be blogged for years!!!

The Liberals associating me with a murder???

These people in the Premier's office are not backing down!!!

This issue will also be blogged for years!!!

What's the other issue??

Oh... yeah......The final verdict of my arrest in Saint John.

I already told a few people what's going on and will not blog the issue but the Liberals will go on record in supporting the Saint John Police Force and will be blog for years to come!!!

I was giving credit where it's due.

What do you call it again???

Oh yeah...the calm before the storm!!!!

We are dealing with people who wish to do the Liberals great harm.

I told Shawn Graham that he has to get rid of the people around him.

Look at UNBSJ????? These people have turned all the students against the Liberal Party.

Boy.....getting upset here...I shouldn't read the comment section when I just woke up!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Let me apoligize,I shouldn't post so early.The last years of quebec prime ministers has sicken me and many others,but I shouldn't indicate your fault.Must be eight years I follow you,and you alright,cause I notice the minute I see some one trying to make you look bad,i know it is the evil in our society,protecting their turf.
Live a long time---(cause after we die,we ain't goona like what we don't see)haha

Anonymous said...

course,who hired the people around him,maurice?

Anonymous said...

Let me try get this right,

PC party never face protestors,cause there wern't nothing protested,hmmmm

The premier is supporting the same people who assaulted you in St.John,a place where they don't exactly like french.

So therefore you are awarned he will support the quebecers who run the show in parliment,and was onetime know lots bout kinksclear and other lots things in Hatfeeling years.

NOW you say "We are dealing with people who wish to do the Liberals great harm."

I am to assume it is normal for the "We are dealing with people (liberals) who wish to do the Liberals great harm.

As is recognized,there are about 21 "Sects" in the federal quebec france liberal party and in good years their is also great Sex and Wine,"taxpayer relief fund" cest nescafe.
So you are in harm,with this mixup,DON'T YOU THINK WE ALL IN HARM.

Oh and just in passin?,passin?anyway students don't even know who the prime minister is,they just knows,what country they can get free education and monthly check.nescafe?

Anonymous said...

You're a study in Michiavellian strategy, Charles. The above is right, it wouldn't appear to all your readers that you are clearly a [liberal] government defender due to all ur personal beefs with them (which makes it seem like you are independent minded when you are clearly not).

I await your fuzzy liberal endorsements come next election.