Thursday, February 07, 2008


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This is a very serious issue.

A reporter was chatting with me the other day telling me that the ECMA couldn't grant me a media pass pass because every citizen would become a blogger and go in for free!!!


I told the individual.


You have to be arrested and jailed by the Police!!

saint john police forceIMG_6122


You have to be assaulted by the Police.

Pictures 058Pictures 055


You have to get all your pictures deleted by the Police. < close to 200 pictures gone!! >



You have to go on trial and a Judge must class you as a Court appointed journalist!!!



The verdict of the trial must make the New York Times!!!!

Click below -


I might add that the Irvings refuse to accept this verdict. The story of the trial never made the Irving's paper.



You must have many enemies who wish to do you harm because of your straight forward views. Just what the Liberals tried to do at their our Christmas Party.

bouncers 2sweetwaters

After you accomplice all these issues? THEN YOU CAN CALL YOURSELF A TRUE BLOGGER!!!

The snobby organizers of the ECMAs are setting a very dangerous course for this City. I heard these cowardly people are going to organizes other events and will allow only Irving employees.

So? What Am I going to do?

Blog the issue again!!!!

These people are at a younger age and must be the kids of the bureaucrats. It's a gene that must be fought!

So? Don't come here to look for pictures of musicians in bars, clubs or the streets.

I will not promote an event who truly discriminate against freedom of speech.

I just wish these people will go public with their names so I can know who they are?

They is the reason I would love a bureaucrat to haul me in court so I can blog the individual to death.

The ECMA will leave a bad taste in the City of Fredericton for years to come.

It's a very snobby bureaucratic affair and I don't want any part of it!!!!

Yes, I could go inside the clubs who don't charge but I can't be bothered!!!!

Without an Irving media pass? It's not the same.

Hey???? Maybe this is the reason the Liberals organizers let the mafia type club Sweetwaters to give free shows? They believe that I would walk in there so the bouncers can assault me or have me killed???


Who truly knows what those snobby bureaucrats are up too???


James C. said...

Wow you have officially lost your mind. You need to get you head checked.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you sound crazy.

Charles, you're a minor annoyance to the politicians and government administrators in this city at best. That you imagine you have "enemies" plotting your demise is an indication of some unfortunate delusional thinking on your part.

I know you're opposed to taking any kind of medication, but might you consider seeking some counselling?

Anonymous said...

Whats it take to get the same for that white haired layaround

Anonymous said...

So who cares.People get their music from downloading sites

Anonymous said...

F these bunch,Iwaiting for the big boom next week,when you disclose the stuff.

Anonymous said...

I was out the other day and heard a snobby politician actually plotting to have you "taken care of" - you are dealing with the mafia here Charles - be very careful. There were times and dates and locations - very detailed plan to have you removed ...stay tuned!

Anonymous said...


You have admitted having information concerning an alleged imminent death,and information that will lead to the alleged perpetrator,also being a member of the parliamentary democratic society,sworn to uphold the law.
Your disclosure, by law, has to be fully investigated,you may not be aware of,ignorance being NO defence,the fact,that AS WE SPEAK,procedure are being sought and WILL be approved,in such a serious assertion.
Now my tickoff is as expected,is the fact that the rest of us yokels will get to be embarrassed IN-SITU,by disclosure of how some of YOU,are racists and bigots leaving me with that perfumee smell again.I say.THANKS A LOT,AND DON"T get tazered.bye
Meanwhile,maurice has time to saddle up and protect Charles,who will ride of into the sunset laughing all the way.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I don't understand why everyone is upset with this blog.

All of it is all true!!!!

Harm or killed? If I would have reacted at the Noel Party?

I could have been harm.

Bouncers killing people in this Province...

Never happened???


Anonymous said...

For someone new to the thread (i.e. someone looking for ECMA pictures) - don't let the above snippers indicate the true thoughts about press freedom in New Brunswick.

He has blogged about the ECMA's for the past month - see more here.

Charles' quest for truth and freedom of information in the face of authoritarian suppression will be serve as a beacon to other New Brunswickers intersted in helping humanity.

It is an unfortunate reality that the spirit of the ECMAs has been blighted by the apparent old-guard corporate stranglehold on information; a phenomenon especially seen in New Brunswick.

Anonymous said...

Charles, I hope you don't think that people would consider this as a source of information for the ECMAs. If I want information about the ECMAs, I'll use my tickets and go to the shows. Those are tickets, by the way, that I bought and paid for with my own money - not government funds.

As for your comment, "They is the reason I would love a bureaucrat to haul me in court so I can blog the individual to death," it really says a great deal about your mental state. You should see a psychiatrist.


Charles LeBlanc said...

Hey Observer?

I'll be blogging your comment in the near future.

Blog them to death???

You darn right I would!!!

Bureaucrats hides behind the scenes and cause trouble.

I'll get to more details later once my computer is fixes.

Yes, the ECMA organizers are dead set to ruin Fredericton and no nobody can stop them but this blogger will try???

Stay tuned!!!!

charlimc said...

"Court appointed journalist" - boy you sure have rewritten history. What you are is a "self appointed journalist". every day you show signs of dementia- I hope that you are able to get help soon!!

Anonymous said...

Really,just because some of you felt better after visiting your shrink,doesn't mean that people of a more solid hereditary inheritance would benefit any from venturing into the consoling of the less fortunate of you.Constant references to the psychiatric field of high paid work denotes a necessity of re jigging of the spark plugs of the cerebrum of some of you.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a serious lack of understanding among Charles's supporters about the notions of freedom of the press and freedom of expression.

Freedom of the press doesn't mean that a potential journalist *must* be given free access to events. It doesn't mean that people have to return phone calls or e-mails. You can't force others to participate in your effort to express yourself.

Charles can cover the ECMAs all he wants. He can pay for tickets if he wants.

Now some would argue that since Charles is poor and can't afford tickets, his freedoms are being suppressed. That argument is wrong. After all, Charles is only able to run this blog and post his pictures thanks to others' donation of technology. If Charles was to find himself without a computer or digital camera, does that mean the public would be *required* to supply him with the tools of his "trade"? Of course not.

Similarly, the ECMA isn't required to provide him with free, unfettered access. They're not banning him from the events (though given his statements on his blog these days, they'd be within their rights to do so). They're just not doling out media passes to anyone Joe Blow with a PC and camera.

Anonymous said...

ER ,you apparently haven't dealt with minority's before,lol

mikel said...

That's absolutely wrong, not having access to a computer is very much a 'right' specifically for free speech. That's why libraries were the first places to have public access to the internet.

Charles wouldn't need to be supplied with a computer because they are available at the library for free. He got one because people liked what he was doing. However, imagine if libraries DIDNT" have net access, that is a HUGE blow to the rights of free speech of the homeless.

But I don't remember Charles ever saying "I have the right to get a free ticket". What he said, basically, is that they refused his request for one, worse, ignored him, therefore he's using his right of free speech here to essentially say whatever he wants about the issue.

Access to technology is a BIG issue in the human rights arena, you can go to CIGI online and read their paper on how the lack of technology infrastructure is having a hugely detrimental effect on developing nations. This is so important that we are even seeing governments and NGO's investing money into getting computers and net access even to places that aren't even getting adequate food-thats how important it is.

It is very much a rights issue, as the above post says. You can look at any issue from water to energy-when you define rights by only 'who can pay' to get them you aren't talking about human rights, only commerce.

It can easily be argued that Charles 'has a right' to attend. THis is a public exhibition with legislation being written in order to favour the event-thats another word for 'subsidy' on top of any potential taxpayers money that may be going to it. Charles definitely has a unique position in the community, his is virtually the only place where people can access what goes on in the community-people from out of town, people with disabilities, etc.

It's pretty clear that with his camera Charles is doing a public service, the hundreds who come here can attest to that. The situation would be different if, say, there were some other person doing exactly what charles does but perhaps with a little less 'flair', shall we say.

It's about the rights of people to know what goes on in their community. If this were a cayleigh in some guys house, then the argument can be made that its nobodies damn business. However, that's not the case. Government is clearly involved, which means the public has the 'right' to be involved, and in a case like this the only opportunity is through charles (at least to have a historical record-if it were being recorded and put on youtube or something then that would be different).

Besides, all this came about simply because 'they' were too rude to answer an email. If you aren't going to answer your email, don't put the damn link there in the first place, or at least tell Charles to go take a flying leap.

This isn't to bash the ECMA, I have no idea what their reasons are and I am glad such an event exists and would never boycott it no matter what Charles says (although he did even say that others shouldn't boycott it-what a charitable fellow!)

Anonymous said...

I think there were as many or more free events this weekend as there were paid events. Why not take pictures of those events. It's about music and talent not politics and the Irvings.