Tuesday, February 12, 2008

By the way? This is not an Anti-French blog!!!!

I don't mind views on issues but this Anti-French tirade is going a little over board.

Oublie pas une chose? Je suis un fier Acadien!!!!

Try to cool it.


Anonymous said...

So you just plainly declared yourself,Anti English and thats fair.You have the right to be what you like.And if you have reason to dislike or hate English,you have the right to say why.
My proven claim is for both.
NO French child,should have to go to school in English or no English family should be forced to go to school in French.It is harmful to the child and family unit ,and it destroys their getting a good education.Education was never meant to force kids into learning in another language,and the sad results are available for all to see.Tolerance has gotten worse and forcing French on the kids has resulted in less bilingual in new Brunswick and Canada.The Canadian parents for French Canada,who apparently have got to you,are nothing but a cash grab lobby group and will fight to retain their government money,as do all these sellouts.
You know its the truth and you are the only place that English can express their feeling of how its like to get royally shafted.
It is really not the French,who are the cause of the English leaving,but the dumb useless English,who have found its a great way to make money.sellout.
The province was run better by Lord than the other ass kissing useless bunch.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I'm not against English.



I don't mind debating the language issue but not in almost all the blogs!!!

Spinks said...

Charles is a lot of things but anti-English isn't one of them. :)

A couple of points. No French child has to go to school in English and no English child has to go to school in French...technically.

The point I think 6:52 is trying to make (correct me if I'm wrong) is that so much time and energy has gone into French immersion that the English system has suffered immensely. He/she is right on that point. Many parents don't want to send their kids into English because it's seen as the "slow" class so they put their kids often begrudgingly into immersion because it's viewed the right thing to do and sometimes it is. That's up to the parents. However English education in NB has taken a beating and there's no politician standing up for it and recognizing that a two tier system has emerged..French immersion and English. We could probably use a Canadian Parents for English education group too but I imagine that would be viewed as bigoted. :)

Anonymous said...

Spinks is right on,as canada's attempts now to degrade the English speaking,starting with the continually weakest balless NB government,which looks like it should be investigated by some decent organization.

Aborigines organized breakfast barbecues in the outback, giant TV screens went up in state capitals and schools allowed students to watch the telecast of Australia's apology Wednesday for policies that degraded its indigenous people.

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, left, speaks with aboriginal elder Matilda House of the Ngunnawal tribe at a ceremony that opened the new session of Parliament Tuesday.
(Mark Graham/Associated Press)
In a historic parliamentary vote that supporters said would open a new chapter in race relations, lawmakers unanimously adopted Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's motion on behalf of all Australians.

"We apologize for the laws and policies of successive parliaments and governments that have inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss on these our fellow Australians," Rudd said in Parliament, reading from the motion.