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What is Fascism??? That’s the emotional question? I had this debate with many people and we seem to agree or disagree on this issue.

Now? We’re not talking about killing people.

Here in New Brunswick? Government doesn’t go around killing people. < Not yet but the Liberal Christmas Party was very close >

Click below for that story -



I’m looking at the whole picture here.

Now? I have been holding on to this story close to two years and I will finally blog it!!!!

No! I’m not going into the details of the reason I was banned from the New Brunswick Legislature. The detail issue of the murder will have to wait.

Stay tuned!!!

Ok . . . Going to Dan Bussieres?


This story was told to me by a couple of people.

While I was in the New Brunswick Legislature, I met a lot of people from Moncton, Saint John and all around the Province. People that I haven’t seen in years.

After I had a conversation with an individual and left the area?

Dan Bussieres would arrive on the scene and introduce himself as the Sergeant-At- Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature.

He would politely ask the individual if Charles LeBlanc was harassing them?

The individuals who knew me would always say - Who Charlie??? Nooooo

Dan would apologize for bothering them and leave the area. Very sneaky indeed.


Now? Quebecois Dan Bussieres went around and asked many people the same question?


He FINALLY located four of them!!!

He promised these individuals that Charles would never know the identity of the people who made the complaint.


The individual would sign a piece of paper telling the LAC committee that I was harassing them.

Now? I could walk by a snobby bureaucrat and say- Hi there and that could be considered as harassment.

This is the reason I went head on against Tom Mann went he wrote a letter to the editor to the Irving’s Paper supporting the ban

Now? To convict someone without providing the evidence?

Wouldn’t that be Fascism????

I believe it is!!!

The Liberal Party will meet with me next week for the final word of my complaint of the way I was handed at the Christmas Party.

Now? If the Liberal Mla’s send three bouncers after a good standing member of the Party because that member didn’t agree with certain new policies of the Liberal Party?

bouncers 2

Wouldn’t that be label as Fascism???

This is a very strong word and I believe there’s issues going on around this Province and could be labeled as Fascism.

But I’m certain that many readers of this blog will set me straight on this one.

Maybe this is a new way to convict people in New Brunswick?

Lets not forget one thing? When I was charge in Saint John by the Saint John Police Force?

I was told that I had no right to a lawyer.

This would have been the same result because I didn’t know anything about disclosures or the court system.

Therefore I would have been convicted and could have ended up like Ashley Smith dead!!!!


Isn’t this Fascism???

What is fascism???

Is Dan Bussieres a Fascist???



Anonymous said...

Would this be Fascism, or just a plain Idiot.

Public Safety Minister John Foran says he isn't prepared to immediately change policies for shackling and strip-searching unruly youth with mental-health issues at a Miramichi youth centre.

He said he wants more time to study a new report into services available for mentally ill youth in New Brunswick. The report, Connecting the Dots, was released this week by child and youth advocate Bernard Richard.

"I'm certainly willing to say that people with mental illnesses shouldn't be shackled and handcuffed in all cases, but what is shackling? What is handcuffing?" Foran said, referring to how these different restraint techniques can be done for the patient's safety.

Anonymous said...


Fascists don't take power in ones and twos - despite what western media seems to be insinuating with the Bush/Cheney horror show.

If this guy is truly carrying out fascist orders, one would presume he's been given permission to do so by a similar minded establishment.

Screw the legislature - you're doing more good bringing attention to their actions in a wider audience than you could possibly hope by sitting into the political sideshow going on inside.

That being said, when a government closes itself to the people, it's going to be hard for them to argue they aren't operating in a fascist manner.

What happened to transparency and freedom? The back room deals done a la Mulroney must end if we're to maintain trust or even obedience to an increasingly obfuscatory system.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Just... wow! Charles your ignorance and paranoia never ceases to amaze.

And BTW... Chairman Mao (he'd be the asian-looking fellow in the pic you posted) was a communist. If you had any knowledge of history at all (or current events for that matter), you'd know that fascism and communism are polar opposites on the political spectrum.

Do yourself, and all New Brunswickers a favor and use your computer to educate yourself with the wealth of academic knowledge available for free online instead of using it for your own selfish and increasingly insane rants.

Seriously, you ceased to have any relevancy some time ago. What started as a valid social commentary has now decended into lunacy, slander and paranoia. The only reason I continue top visit this blog is for pure entertainment value and a sick inability to look away (much like passing a fatal car accident on the road).

Charles LeBlanc said...

Ohhhhh?? Moa never had people beat up or executed without a trial?

I apologize to all the Mao's fans.

So what do yo call a group of people who reach a verdict and convict someone with providing the evidence?

I might add there was a commissionaire who told me in front of two individuals of the media that he would break my camera in across my face.

Now? Dan Bussieres to go around and tell people to make a complain and I would never know where the complaint came from?

Isn't that a form of Fascist style of process?

I believe that anyone who is convicted should have access to the evidence?

As for the Liberal MLA'S sending three bouncers after me to have me harm or killed?

Well? We'll wait and see what the Liberal Party have to say during the next few weeks!

I'm asking the question and I believe that I have the right to do so.

I wish you Irving's employees would leave this site alone!!!


nikel said...

Just use a dictionary: a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

An individual fascist, like an individual communist, would favour such a system or act in similar ways.

That definition is a little biased. Keep in mind that 'nazi' is short for 'national socialist'-of course nazi's were the OPPOSITE of 'socialist'.

So fascist is the wrong word to use since Dan is not a government. As head of security it can be argued that his task is 'regulating opposition', but that's only one aspect of the definition.

We don't know the facts, or whether these people complained just because Charles said 'hello'. It's common in harassment complaints to guarantee an individual's identity, unfortunately, Charles frequent conduct proves why that is a necessity.

However, youths identity are protected in criminal court, that doesn't mean they don't get a fair trial. Banning people from an elected house is SERIOUS business, far more serious than the media's ignoring of the issue lets on.

The word you may be looking for is 'totalitarian'. It certainly doesn't 'run commerce', just the opposite. They are 'patriotic' and use jingoism-but virtually every government and aspect of society does that.

The government may be 'dishonest', or even criminal, but doesn't match the above definition of fascist. The older definition of fascism simply emphasized state's rights over individual rights-which would make EVERY government in the world fascist. That's why the UN declaration of human rights is so important, and why Canada regularly refuses to apply them.

It's a free country with free speech, so Charles can call anybody whatever he wants (within reason). The problem is that WE still don't know what the facts are-and the main problem for canadian society-and New Brunswick society in case you haven't been reading the papers-is simply that the public has no access and can't even find this stuff out. In the horrible story about youths in detention centre Bernard Richard had trouble finding this stuff out, and the idiot newspapers go along pretending that its not even their obligation to be trying to find this stuff out, not just broadcasting government's PR.

The immediate problem is not fascism-it is simply access to information and a more public bureaucracy. It may very well be that government is far worse than we suspect, certainly recent stories lead in that direction, but certainly not toward fascism.

PS: Mao's China EASILY fits the above definition of fascism, but we can also say that the US does as well.

Anonymous said...

Charles says he wishes those mean old Irving employees would leave his blog alone... Charles you are a hypocrite of the worst kind. You do nothing but spend the whole day whining, bitching and moaning and slandering hard working people from the Sergeant at Arms of the Legislature to Irving workers and management to government officials and employees and then you have the balls to complain that someone would come here to tell you they think you are wrong!! Hypocrite!!

I wonder if Dan Bussiere goes to bed a night thinking "I wish that darn Charles Leblanc would just leave me alone"? You know what? Probably not because the truth is that nobody gives a rats ass what you think or say Charles. Irving employees and government officials rarely, if ever, concern themselves with you UNLESS you interfere in their lives and/or do damage to their reputations. Quite frankly, and I have discussed this with two lawyers, I cannot begin to fathom why Dan Bussiere has not hauled you into court for libel, slander and defamation of character yet. You certainly wouldn't have much of a defense since his whole case would simply involve printing your blog and showing it to the judge. Open and shut case. In fact, I guarantee you, if it were me you were calling a fascist and publicly falsely accusing of wrong doing... you'd be in court in a flash my son!

Fred said...

Charles, you're obsessed with this guy. You really need to see a counsellor to deal with this mental health issue you have. Fred

Charles LeBlanc said...

I would love Dan Bussieres to haul me in court.

We're dealing with a man who got me fired from a job at the Legislature.

We are dealing with a very evil individual who will do anything to harm people.

This blog don't bother Dan eh???

Read this blog -


Now? If I knew who you were?

Maybe I could challenge ya?

I will assume you're just an coward Irving or bureaucrat employee hidding in the back.

That's ok!!!! I will deal with Mis-Justice till the end of time.

I'm asking the question?

Not allowed?

Did you know Dan Bussieres is adding criminal record on inviduals??

Stay tuned!!!!

Charles LeBlanc said...

I'm noty obsess with Dan Bussieres.

He declared War against Bloggers so I'm just obliging to his action!

Dan Bussieres must resign!!!!

Anonymous said...

haha,you think A Blogger has done as much damage to the province of NB as IRVING???????Whilst MCCains,have only done good?

Does Irving have its own armed police in NB?
Does an Irving employee get fired for talking,about the company,or how much they make,to including their wife.yuk ,and on,on,on,on.

How come no where else in Canada does Sergent of arms bans citizens,for asking questions.
Do you people love the people of NB going around with heads between their knees.And why do they.
Did computers ruin your little germany,hooooooooooooooooo.TOUGH EH.And did your lawyers tell about blood and beet juice.You see,you can;t sue cause you ain't got the money,like Warren Kinsella,the "happy suing backward".

Anonymous said...

Charles Get a Life Please!

Anonymous said...

...He is must better looking than these other dudes and based on what I have read, makes more sense too !