Friday, February 22, 2008

Did Brad Woodside started smoking again???

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Does anyone know???


Anonymous said...

Nothing in the Irving papers about it,in fact their is nothing ,nothing in them. I see in the cbc that molikie fellow put some more newspaper people out of work,that whatever that did all the dirty stuff up river.Makes one wonder,what kind of mental condition some people have.Particular the "I want everything type".Was great when real business people liked competition,made them better.
LOOK what we got now

Anonymous said...

Screw it,

These days, the only reason to quit smoking is to avoid paying into the collective corporo-fascist welfare state.

Grow your own tobacco and enjoy it - the toxins brought to you by walmart, agrobusiness and big pharma will make your life so unpleasant you'll wish you'd smoked three packs a day.

Just for the little bit of joy and control that action plays in your life. The French really get it when it comes to the "vices" our society doesn't deny us - they smoke like chimneys!

Well, I guess if you want to stand up straight in front of that British colonial block house and pretend we're not a bunch of NWO stooges, go ahead.

The natives we stole the practice from knew how to respect mother earth and would not end up with a planet covered in toxic slime and petro-carbons filling the atmosphere.

What happened with the Acid-Rain and the ice shield melting, with mercury, lead and CFCs dumped in our water?

These issues are ignored in the face of our global war on terror, the most effective effort at enslaving the people I've ever heard or read about...

So, as you give them your thumbprints, DNA and retinal scans, make sure not to tell them you enjoy a puff of ciggie now and then - they'll toss you in the ground faster than know if you show up looking for our so-called "free health-care".