Friday, February 22, 2008


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The results of some people "doing their job".

SPCA apologizes after boy was 'traumatized'
Taken to room full of dead animals. 10-year-old had nightmares after taking the body of beloved family dog to shelter
IRWIN BLOCK, The Gazette
Published: 1 hour ago
When you are a child and have had a dog all your young life, the last goodbye is crushing

But that final, heartfelt departure became a horror story for 10-year-old Justin Miller-Clarke, who was ushered in to the SPCA last Friday to see how the body of his beloved dog, Marley, would be handled.

And now, an embarrassed SPCA has had to apologize to Justin and his family over the ''disposal'' of the beloved member of the family.

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Font:****Justin's mother, Jacqueline Miller, described the events that followed the family's discovery of the 10-year-old dog, a German shepherd-Rottweiler mix who died at home while they were out.

They did not know what to do with Marley so they called the

SPCA on Jean Talon St. W., which said it would accept the body.

"We drove there and a man helped carry our dog out of the car. He then asked if we would like to come with the dog to say our last goodbyes," Miller recounted.

"He then proceeded to take us into the basement of the SPCA.

I was confused; I thought he would take us to an exam room or something."

The SPCA worker led them to a chute, which he opened and said: "It's full."

He then took the family down a long hallway in a room with bins.

"I could see dead animals on the top of (the bins), and I could also see a dead and bleeding cat on a table," Miller recalled.

The SPCA worker then placed Marley on a cement floor in the room filled with animal carcasses and told the family it could say goodbye.

"I was in total shock, my 10-year-old son was horrified - we both had nightmares and cannot forget the images we were exposed to.

"My son is traumatized - he asked me why they are throwing out animals like garbage," said Miller, who is a psychologist and Vanier College teacher.

In response to these events, Montreal SPCA executive director Pierre Barnoti said: "I'm horrified that one of our employees would take someone to our cold room."

They are kept there before they are sent to be cremated at another facility, he added.

"It is very hard to see that your dog is included with other animals waiting to be transported for cremation.

"It's an error of judgment on the part of our employee, who should have been sensitive to a 10-year-old," he said, adding that he "personally apologized" to the family.


Anonymous said...

I dont know what to make of this but Welcome to the Real World? People are Overly sheltered today from the reality of Life and Death and its usually somebody elses problem to deal with until it taps its cold hand upon ourselves and family!

Anonymous said...

f---c what a typical stupid comment.
Your probably oversheltered to some actions of the unfettered spca

Anonymous said...


If they were truly unfettered, they stop starry-eyed bozos from owning pets in the first place.

On the other hand, it doesn't make sense to walk a family through the morgue unless you know they can handle it.

I highly doubt this is standard practice.

However, the increasing commodification of family pets will undoubtedly lead to more "service oriented" offing in the future.

There was a time when you'd take the dog behind the shed, people just don't have the guts (or the guns) left to do this anymore.

If some people want to protect themselves from reality, we can't let them legislate us into some fantasy compliance zone.

Although they're doing a heck of a job implementing it, without our understanding or agreement.

Too many laws as it is - why work if you've got to pay half of it back in taxes and the most of the rest in interest? The pathetic crap available in stores these days isn't even worth the hassle of chasing the Ameri-Canadian Dream.

Screw the globalists, turn their power out if they can't afford to pay the going rate.