Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fredericton Police Force - WHY DID YOU THAT FOR????

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I decided to go for my walk this afternoon. It was very difficult to walk in the heavy snow.

Once on the Northside, I notice emergency lights in the far distance and a lined up of vehicles.


It could be a bad accident but I didn’t have the energy to run in the storm.

Once there, the officer recognized me. < I believe I'm the only law abiding citizen who's on the ten most wanted list and never committed a crime? >

He said there was a little single accident.


It was hard for the cop to direct the busy traffic on Union street while chatting with me but he was doing just fine.

Cars and trucks would take turn in passing by the little accident.


He would stop the cars and give the traffic on other side the go ahead.

Then he ordered the cars to stop but let one last truck go by.

I quickly shouted - WHY DID YOU DO THAT FOR???

At first, he didn’t know what was going on until I told the officer it was an Irving truck!!!!!


He quickly replied with a laugh - You don’t care much for the Irvings do you???

I would have made certain that the Irving’s truck would have waited!!!...

That’s the reason I’m not a police


The officer sounded like a nice guy...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah - the nice cops get sent out in the snow to handle real police work.

The ones I'm worried about are those collaborating with American drug dealers, the ones inciting riots at Bilderberg events and the ones inconspicuously ignoring or abetting corporate corruption.

When the police serve humanity, there's no more valiant profession. When they act as the arbiters of tyranny, we've got a problem.