Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ghettoizing the less fortunate in Fredericton!!!

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Many people are concern of the way this issue was handle.

It’s a 50 unit building for the less fortunate in the North side of Fredericton.

Many of these people have a physical handicap. The City refuses to extend Transit service to that area.

Not fair!!!!

The Willie O’ree rink is located not far from that building.

So why are these people deny access to Transit.

Many of them were promise Transit when they move in that area?

What gives??

I might lower myself by sending a letter to the Irving's paper about this shameful issue.


Anonymous said...

Bite into that.It is an issue worth following!

Anonymous said...

Interesting how the City has no end of funding to pay for two empty city buses and at least four drivers, but probably more, to go round and round and round in a circle from the Delta to the Beaverbrook to pick up well heeled "delegates" (ie. partygoers) to the ECMAs yesterday (and I presume today). Yet they can't find the time or money to accommodate the transportation of low income people up a steep hill to their new home on the North Side.

You can tell the people who make the decisions about transportation are NOT people who actually use the bus. Dilbert was right. The people with the least knowledge or understanding of technology get the best computers, ergo, the people who never use the bus get the best service.

Those buses were empty yesterday. I saw the same two buses go around and around in a circle downtown, hour after hour, and there were never more than a handful of people in them. Did someone keep track of the usage? In Halifax I can see this being a necessity for the ECMAs, but in Fredericton? When you can walk from one hotel to the other in less than 15 minutes? Give me a break. Talk about overkill.

Not only did the use of City buses appear to me to be a total waste of taxpayer's dollars (someone had to pay for those drivers to work), but it intruded into what little the taxi-drivers make and it wasted fuel while pouring more green house gas into the environment.

But who am I? Just an observer of the ridiculous ends the business elite will go to make a profit while ignoring the obvious - poor people. many of them disabled, having to trudge up a long hill to get home with their belongings because the City won't extend bus service to their street. The contradictions in this city are never ending.