Friday, February 15, 2008

How will our future generations are going to be treated by the Irvings???

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Anonymous said...

Hopfully ,soon,we will be joined with the United States,or they will learn what poverty is ,
real poverty.

Anonymous said...

"Hopfully ,soon,we will be joined with the United States"

It's looking that way - now the globalists are openly implementing their false, hidden and totalitarian SPP / North American Union plans.

Our relationship with the Americans (if they don't massively default on their loans) over the next decade or two will be like having a brother in law who keeps going into massive debt at the track and wants you to come bet some serious money with him on "a sure thing" and help him get even.

It just won't work. The Americans have come to a tipping point financially; where either they become a very conservative country and immediately start scrimping and saving for the next 30 years, or they'll lash out again at blow-up enemies and targets of opportunity in order to hold off their many creditors.

The way our future generations are treated will depend in large part on how many services or needs require payment. Until they're done resetting the pyramid scheme, dollars may be getting scarcer over the short to mid-term.

This is not due to an accidental "sub-prime" issue - it is core to our corporate-governmental crapocracy - and is being systematically implemented on a global scale.

If you think the government loves you and wants to help, go ahead and sign up for your biometric ID card, but for the love of God don't let them force this crap on everyone.

Look what happens now when you make a mistake with an old drivers license; with this new one - false ID will be like a capital offense. Force a biometric system on Canadians? Not until every single Mexican and American has their chips in place (otherwise, what's the point???)

Anonymous said...

OTTAWA - New Brunswick is on the right track in planning to grow its population, federal Immigration Minister Diane Finley said Friday, but she signaled the province's bold targets will not trigger new funding from her department.

Finley pointed to already-announced programs as proof "there's a lot we're doing to make sure New Brunswick has every opportunity to go after the immigration goals it's working on."

The Graham government released a 43-point strategy to increase the population by 6,000 people by 2009, 25,000 by 2015 and 100,000 by 2026.

Annual immigration is targeted to increase to 5,000 people by 2015 - roughly 10 times the number of arrivals just a few years ago.

Finley ducked several requests to say whether she thought those targets could be met. But she pointed to looming labour shortages as a valid rationale for New Brunswick to boost immigration.

MOVE WEST,Be settled before they pull the plug on the bistupid east.

Anonymous said...

A tired refrain coming from the Tory camp these days is that Premier Shawn Graham is too much like former Premier Frank McKenna.

What the Conservatives don't seem to get is, that's not a bad thing.

It is now more than two decades since the Liberals won every seat in the historic 1987 election. In the 10 years between 1987-1997, New Brunswick went from a province to travel through to get somewhere else to a destination on its own.

As a minister in the McKenna government between 1991-1997, I can attest that these were very busy, challenging and yet satisfying years. Subsequent to the Liberals' defeat in 1999, the province underwent a change in dynamics from the little engine that could to the little engine that didn't.

Part of Frank McKenna's legacy is that he was the first premier to really sell New Brunswick to the rest of the world. He took his sales pitch to Toronto, New York, and beyond, promoting things such as the province's "Information Highway."

Yes follow mckenna and you can claim to be the second multimillionaire former premier in history and claim,

ruined education sys.
ruined health
ruined ambulance
ruined his own credibility when back track,when told to force NB into a unachievable and nonexistent bilingual situation to attempt appeasement to another failed province,quebec

Anonymous said...

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is looking to recruit as many as 200 workers for the New Brunswick-U.S. border crossing.

District director for Northwest New Brunswick John Dolimount said CBSA is hosting information sessions across the province as part of a national recruitment campaign.

good news for the french.and the friends of the parents

Anonymous said...

Charles, I know you are ADHD and French, but please learn to write or have someone edit before you post. If you are a true journalist, you won't get this stuff through without editing. It's very painful trying to figure out what you mean half the time. It's not just the od typo, it's your grammar etc.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Did you understand my message.

This blog isn't perfect!!!!

I will admit one thing.

I re-read some of the blogs and I can truly see the very bad grammar.

You know what???

You'll see mistakes on a piece of paper that you won't see on the monitor.

Very strange indeed.

Hey? Maybe this comment is also bad grammar???

Anonymous said...

Oh yes,A true Journalist ,with fine grammer,who is controlled,or
A true Blogger,with fine TRUTH out of control.
Have to supply your own equipment with Canada East!