Friday, February 15, 2008


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One of the last true activist!!!!

Bonne Fete Dan!!!!


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Hey Charles,

If you want to listen to some of the ECMA winners, check out the following:

QSLS Friday Phonics: ECMA Awards

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limewire is better

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Interesting.And the million ton salt pile which supplies quebec is nearly empty.Gaspe.

Canadian Salt Mine Co. Ltd.

Pugwash is the only salt mine, and currently, the only underground mine in Nova Scotia. Josh Allen accidentally discovered salt in 1953 when drilling for water at his lobster factory. The Canadian Salt Company Ltd. hoisted the first load in November, 1959.

Shafts go down to one thousand feet to huge working corridors (30’ x 55’). These corridors are well ventilated and well lit. Most of the mine runs under the Pugwash River with some under solid ground. No shafts run under the village. The company employs approximately 210 people.

The processing plant at the site produces industrial grades of salt, salt blocks for farm use and refined salt for domestic consumption. The refining process for this industrial salt is one of crushing, screening and sizing. A method known as “brining” is used to refine salt. This process is unique in Pugwash because the waste from milling rough salt is used rather than injecting water into underground salt beds. The mine produces approximately 1,200,000 tonnes of salt per year. The mine’s lifespan is estimated in excess of 100 years, possibly longer with advanced technology.

Transportation of salt is either by road or from the company owned ship-loading facility. From early spring to late autumn ships are common sites at the wharf.

The Canadian Salt Co. Ltd. does not conduct mine tours.

For more information about salt mining in the Maritimes go to: Website