Monday, February 04, 2008

Little 5 years old in New Brunswick are force to walk 2.5. km to school!!!

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Protect our kids in New Brunswick,

Due to the policies of the education act kids as young as 5 years old have to walk to school for as much as 2.4 km .. usually without supervision because in today society most couple have to work in order to survives

My proposition is to ask for a change in the laws and permit kids up to grade 4 to be allowed on the bus systems irregardless of the so call mileage

In order for me to present this offer I want to see if people in New Brunswick would support it ....

If you support it please sign below and I will present this to the proper people

thanking you in advance for your support


The Undersigned

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Anonymous said...

obviously no one has signed because there is no 5 year old in NB FORCED to walk 2.e km to school. What garbage you spout. Get a job!

Charles LeBlanc said...

I do have job!!!


The email was sent to me last evening so I blogged it.

One MLA already contacted me via email and I made the connection with the individual!

If the issue is true?

I did my job!!!!


pierre said...

here is the New Brunswick school bylaw on transportation

3(1) The superintendent of each school district shall provide for the conveyance to and from school of all pupils

(a) who are entitled to free school privileges under section 8 of the Act,

(b) who are living at least two and four-tenths kilometres from the school that they attend, and

(c) whose conveyance privileges have not been suspended under section 6.

so now tell me if we have any 5 to 10 years old walking to school in traffic and cold weather ,not to mention non existing sidewalk

make your research before going to name calling

ah yes thank you Charles

pierre said...

oops also due to spam i moved my petition from

to here

Anonymous said...

No young child should ever walk alone in our crazy society. Please don't let the sick people in our society know what area or schools.

We don't even let our politicians walk that far.

If you left your child at home unattended for 20 minutes or a half hour you would be charged. Even worse is letting child walk (unattended)the streets alone for 20 minutes or a half hour.

If no one can walk with them they should be brought to school where there is someone to care for them.

What is wrong with this system? Should we wait until a child is taken or killed.

Anonymous said...

The bus service for our child cuts off down the street. We just fall under the distance. That is one of the reasons we decided not to enroll our kid into public school.

No 5 yo, should have to walk a little over two km to school, in the freezing mornings.

Anonymous said...

This might sound crazy but if a parent is at home, walk them to school - if youare heading out to work, drop them off on the way. 2.5 km's is not a real long distance but I agree that they should not walk it alone - but I am guessing there might be more than one kid in the area going to the same school so pull together a group. I walked almost 2 km's to catch the bus to school as a kid - we sure are creating a lazy society - no wonder obesity is a problem. I bet they could walk 2.5 km's for the mall or something else. It's time we stopped complaining about the little things - really, when it is that cold, give them a drive, call a neighbor to drive them - be creative.

notme said...

I bet they could walk 2.5 km's for the mall or something else. It's time we stopped

so you would leave a 5 ,6,7 ,8 year old walk to the mall ?

it people like you that get young kids killed

Anonymous said...

Years ago we all walked but now with so many sick perverts no child should walk the streets alone. Not everyone can walk or drive their child so that is why we need responsible adult at the school to be there for the child that needs a place to go.

Stop going back in time; nothing is ever the same. It has nothing to do with laziness. Common sense that a five year old should not walk the streets alone. Oh yes I forgot our society loss that skill a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

We all know about the cutoff distance. Times have changed so now is the time for parents together as a group to demand a better system. I also as a child lived where the cutoff started.

It is not the distance; it is the danger that concerns the parents!

Anonymous said...

No one should be letting any child that age walk to school. What is wrong with our government and Premier Graham needs a wake up call too.