Monday, February 04, 2008


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I think the personal attacks on Charles and the comments where people make fun of him for using the term racism instead of discrimination are disgusting. Keep up your good work Charles and ignore the haters.

As for your article I happen to agree. First of all why shouldn't Charles be given the opportunity to get his perspective on the ECMA's out there? Who gets to decide what makes something or someone a "good journalist" or not? The ECMA's are supposed to be a celebration of Atlantic artists showcasing their talent and promoting their craft. Why is Charles denied the right to do so?

Why should some Irving approved (simply because the Irvings pay their paychecks) writers get in for free? I'll tell you why. Because the reporters who get in for free will be hard pressed to give the events they attend a bad review.

How did some of you put it?????? Real journalists are educated so they meet some specific standard therefore their opinions are given a level of legitimacy. Riiiiight..... Because educated people are NEVER biased, NEVER self serving and are ALWAYS going to tell their stories from everyone's perspective.

You never get the real story when you only have one source, the perspectives of people from many different walks of life need to be given the chance to be heard. I think you are brave Charles for doing what you do and making sure your voice is heard. There are many who fee the same way but don't have the courage to try and get their thoughts out there. Good luck!

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