Saturday, February 16, 2008


It was bound to happen and it did last night.

I got home around midnight and my computer is fried!!!!

It was an old computer and it did a good job!!!!

The sad part is I'm on Social Assistance so therefore I don't have the money to fix the darn toy.

Is this blogger history?

Stay tuned!!!

Hey? It's not that bad???? You readers still have the Irving's papers!!!


P.S. I'm blogging this little story the Library.


Anonymous said...

Whats an old computer mean,less than windows xp,less that 512 memory stick,less than 500mghz.if so its old.lots of good p3 or p4 around scrapped.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Just don't get windows vista.It will drive you nuts.

Anonymous said...

Besides,a computer is a necessary part of your life,like food or a stove,and Social Assistance will get you this Item.

Anonymous said...

The biggest disservice someone could do is to give you a free computer without something in return.

You should earn your next computer.

charlimc said...

I suppose you expect someone to give you one. I for one am glad you are history as I imagine the following are also: 1) Dan Bussieres, 2) The Irvings, 3)All bureaucrats, 4)all politicians, 5) 99.9 percent of the population of NB. May your poor old computer rest in peace. There is no need to stay tuned ant more.

80%ofnbers said...

Where can we send money?

Charles LeBlanc said...

Send money?

I don't need money.

I need a computer.

I'm using a friend computer at his house.

Yes...many people should be very happy that I can't blog anymore.

Dan Bussieres must be dancing the Charleston on his desk?

This is not a me ....This is the people's blog and I'm certain someone will strp forward for to help me.

As for now? No blogging but keep an eye on this blog.

People who wish to help? Send me an private email at


mikel said...

I would agree up to number 5, since I doubt that many New Brunswickers have ever heard of Charles. As for the above post, Charles does far more to deserve a computer than just about anybody else out there. You can tell some people's view of free speech when they are happy that the blog closes down. It's not enough they are free to ignore it and him, it has to not exist. I suspect those people are in the number 1 to 4 category. Yes, I'm sure somebody will step forward, although perhaps not before tax time.

But Charles, its NOT the 'people's blog', it is YOUR blog, you make that very plain. The people would have loved to see some coverage of the free ECMA concerts. The people may want coverage of your treatment at the liberal christmas party, but certainly not the way you portrayed it. You do a valuable service, but this is no 'community access' point, it is YOUR blog.

Charles LeBlanc said...

It's ok!!! I got an email and I got a computer!!!

The blog is one again!!!