Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No kidding????

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Anonymous said...

Get a load of this.lol
Quick thinking police,sic,officer,recognizes who runs the province,before or after reporting to headquarters of an Irving transport driver obviously not paying attention or driven according to road conditions.
Oh sure,I could be wrong.

Fredericton police say a trucker who plowed his tractor-trailer into a snowbank on Highway 8 on Tuesday morning probably averted a tragedy.

Herman Iyoupe of Dartmouth, N.S., was travelling eastbound on the highway between the Hanwell Road and Regent Mall exits when traffic came to a sudden halt because of a collision up the road.

"I was over in the left-hand lane, there was traffic to my right, I looked in my mirror,'' Iyoupe said. "The next thing I knew all the vehicles in front of me had stopped.

"It was either hit the cars in front of me -- and probably those on the right too -- or go to the left and into the snowbank.

"I chose the snowbank," he said Tuesday morning as his Midland truck sat stuck in a pile of snow between the eastbound and westbound lanes of Highway 8.

A police officer at the scene said a collision with cars could have been much worse.

"He couldn't stop in time, so he made a split-second decision," said Sgt. Martin Gaudet of the Fredericton Police Force.

"That's the decision he made and we're OK with that.

"I'd rather have that," Gaudet said as the driver of a front-end loader worked to clear the mounds of snow around the 18-wheeler.

Traffic in the westbound lane was closed while the loader and a tow truck cleared the scene.

The eastbound lane was closed for more than two hours Tuesday morning because of the earlier incident, which had brought traffic to a standstill, forcing Iyoupe into his decision.

A woman was taken to hospital with injuries that were believed to be minor after her vehicle flipped shortly after 8 a.m.

Police believe icy road conditions were a factor.

Officers kept that section of Highway 8 between Hanwell Road and the Princess Margaret Bridge closed until Department of Transportation crews could salt the road.

Anonymous said...

clean out your own spot, byos bring your own shovel