Thursday, February 21, 2008

Non smoker Brad Woodside to propose by-law that smokers will wear uniform if they smoke outside? Keeps the building clean from the smell of smoke!!!

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Anonymous said...

April fool eh?haha
or first sign of one?

Anonymous said...

are you for real, they can't do that can they.

moncton news said...

we are in CANADA where anything is possible because us CANADIANS do not stand up for ourselves

Anonymous said...

Ah - let's send the cops after smokers - nice idea... We are brainless scum, why shouldn't they treat us accordingly?

moncton news said...

they already do that
if you smoke to close to an entrance or a window a cop is allowed to fine you
so much for freedom

Charles LeBlanc said...

By the way?

This was a little joke from my part.

I had to say something with the picture.

I believe it was funny!!!