Thursday, February 21, 2008

Verdict on Dennis Melanson comes in today!!!!

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I have been following this sad case very closely.

Guilty or not guilty?

I'm going to write a long winded blog on this issue.

He's the only guy I was close with who got charge with Child Porn.

I got quite a story on this issue. Watching a guy going down right in front of your eyes.

I'll go out of my way and make a prediction.

I say Dennis will be found not guilty.


1- They lost the evidence of the pictures on a CD.

2-Danny Watters told Dennis that he could search for research and he told the court the same story.


Guilty or Not Guilty? Dennis know that he's totally screwed social wise. Sort of like O.J Simpson.


One thing is certain!!!!

You'll first read the result of the verdict right here in this blog!!!!

Stay tuned!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Was his partner found guilty?

Charles LeBlanc said...

I believe the guy wasn't his partner.

I believe the guy downloaded videos and pictures from the Rogers office.

Dennis didn't download any pictures.

He says that he was just searching to do a show on Child porn.

Lets get one thing straight right now!!!!

I'm not defending the guy in here!!!

You couldn't pay me enough money to defend a guy who was charge with child porn.


Enough said!!!!

Lets wait till the verdict comes out.

Stay tuned!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very good,Settled.
Now ah,er,you certainly didn't murder anyone either right
And of course able to travel in the states?


Anonymous said...

Maybe they should put some hard evidence out there before accusing somebody of these types crimes?I think the Crown made a mistake and is trying to backpeddle! Lost the CD,main evidence? Something Stinks?

Anonymous said...

Anytime goverment loses key documents it seems it thier way of saying I think We made a Mistake but its not Our Mistake!???????

Anonymous said...

Guilty or not guilty will make little difference at this point. Even if the verdict is not guilty - he will always be guilty to some in the public. That is why I think there are things the media do not need to cover until the result is in. He has lost his family and his credibility - now I am not defending him - if he did it, punish him to the full extent of the law - anyone who would do that to a child is a sick pervert - but there are those who are wrongfully accused of crimes and even though proven not guilty, their lives are forever shadowed by the accusation - sometimes that in itself is as bad as a conviction.

Anonymous said...

Well I just read the information over again and Ican see NO reason for him being charged.
I have been on LOTS of sights but not kiddie porn,which has nothing to do with anything.But a kiddie porn picture on a temp file can get there on its own,if you were on that site researching,and you would not know it downloaded,unless you understood about "clearing your cache",And there would or could be thousands of pictures in .GIFF form depending on your catche size and habit of clearing.It been my experience only about 10% of computer users understand this,and probably only the TECHS who understand it clearly.
So folks ,thousands and thousands of pitcher files and thousands of pings your computer can receive in a short period and you know nothing.Why anybody,who giving evidence didn't know this and tell it is beyond me.
You agree judge?

Anonymous said...

In fact i have cleared my cache today,and just now checking i have 88 .GIF images collect since,and they all in my computer name in temp folder and they all look like

jeez,forget that,i just checked it more carefully,it has 11,056,326 bytes of temp files,some embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Leaving it open is worse than being found Guilty as then You will have to live among People who dont know what to make of a person and will always have questions in thier minds? In effect being tried twice and being found guilty of?but without a verdict!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the "child porn" was one of a thousand pictures he had - maybe even put there to be found by american intelligence agencies?

Damnit - gotta go erase all my porn vids.