Friday, July 29, 2005


Maybe you can help me on this one???? I don't know the name of our person of the week!!!! Strange!!!!


As I wrote in the past, I rode a ten speed bike across Canada and the United States! I know a beautiful site when I see one.

My person of the week goes out to the individual who came out with this wonderful idea! It used to be a train bridge but they changed it to a walking trail! Who's the genius who came out with this brainstorm??? Do you know? Please let me know?


During my protest, I would stand on the deck of the bridge and asked myself- How long am I going to stay in that tent. The Legislature is located in the background!


So this mysterious guy is my person of the week!!!


Canada first said...

yup great idea,looks very nice! :-)

Spinks said...

Toursists love it and it's a real asset to Fredericton. Usually these type of things get torn down but someone was willing to sink the money into it and came up with a gem. Brad Woodside probably knows the story behind it. Next time your down by the Carleton II, Charles look him up. Maybe he'll take you for a ride.

michael mckay said...

Yes Charles, I remember that bridge I used to walk it once years ago talk about a real challenge for a blind person. That was when the tracks were still there and there was no solid bottom under those ties. and I was wearing a pair of Cowboy boots with about 2 1/2 high heels. talk about tricky. I am glad they kept the original bridge for a walking bridge, I wish they could have kept the old Carleton street bridge and used it for something like that. I guess it was too far gone to bother with.It is nice to know that progress does not necessarily mean that we have to do away with everything from our history.