Friday, July 29, 2005


Here I am on a rainy Thursday evening with keyboard on my lap.

Boy? We need the rain. It might cool off a little. This little series on boarders or roomers rights really set me back on some issues.

Last week it was hot!!

Remember this blog at the end of May??????CharlesBlog

Well? I’m not complaining but I was in need of a fan and I got carried away a little.

I was in this bureaucrat office and I saw this fan turned off and unplug.

I was so desperate for a fan that I asked the bureaucrat if I could borrow the life saver?

My God? Asking bureaucrats for electrical fans now? If that person would have said ok? They could have lose their job???

What was I thinking?

I am cracking up!!!

Anyway, I was in an area and I notice this huge fan in a box!

I asked the guy- What is that fan doing in a box?

The guy told me that it didn’t work!

I bought the fan home and I fixed it in 5 minutes.

I seen the guy afterwards and asked- Do you wish me to kiss your hand? Feet or butt?

My God? That huge fan does the trick and I’m very grateful!

There's a big difference between living in Saint John and the Capital but I still love here!

Ok…A few weeks ago, I read in the National Post that there’s a museum for Human Rights in Canada.

You can visit the site at


It's located in Winnipeg and there’s also a section for the Human
Rights of Shame!

I guess the British are in there because of the Acadians being deported in 1755!

I know you know what’s coming and here it goes!

How come those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission are not in there?

We have a commission who will turn against a person who makes a complaint that their rights are being violated!!!!

The complainant becomes the victim!!!

Only here in New Brunswick!!!

These racist Irving employees will escort the victim to the door!

In return, these racist members will call the Police for protection once they go out in public.

Their main goal is to put the poor in jail and this was proven when Susan Butterfield work in an undercover sting to set up this poor protester.

Look at the picture? Female officer Bragg against the wall and another Black guy were near ready to arrest me!

What other Human Rights Commission will allowed the Irvings to assault the minorities in this province?

I told this story on many occasions in front of many audiences but these bureaucrat or Irving bureaucrats stick together like glue!

When this first happen to me? I made a complaint to the Canadian Human Rights.

They sent me a letter telling me that they felt sorry for me!

But we have a convicted thief - Carl White who stole from the Irvings in the 80 and now is looking after their interest.

He’s the only Human Rights Case worker in the Southern part of the Province and the Irvings have him by the who know what!

I wish the Lord Government would announce an inquiry on those racists members but it won’t happen!

I also wish that Bernard Lord would call a quick election so he would be eliminated off the political map!

He should call a quick election as suggested by the Irving’s paper!

I pray that once the Election is on the way?

I hope the Irvings papers give their support to Bernard Lord because that will surely be the final nail on the coffin for the Premier.

The Liberals are going to be in power for a very long time because New Brunswickers will never forget the ignorance of Bernard Lord towards the issue of Ritalin, Methadone and VLT’S.

Lets not forget Coleson Cove with the Billion dollar deal!

I know one thing is for certain.

Once Shawn Graham is elected Premier?

These issues will be address!

The drugging and the killing of our children must be put to a stop!

Hey? I have been fighting with the P.C.’s ever since the first day Bernard got elected!

Before he got elected? He promised me that he would do a study on Ritalin but he lied!!!

I dedicated the last 6 years of my life on this issue but it’s worth it!

The battle will continue till the next election!

I see myself sitting down in front of the Heath and Education Committee and say- Thank God for Shawn Graham!

Bernard Lord will go down in history as the Premier who totally ignore the pleas of the Children in New Brunswick!

The issue of prescription drug use is a major problem in this Province but Bernard don’t care!!!!

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Michael McKay said...

I guess this just is not going to go away anytime soon, so I will just say what needs to be said and mosey on down the trail. I find it quite ironic that the Human rights commission says on one hand, that they are there for anyone in society who has a genuine cause to take action when it comes to their human rights being violated. Somehow, these individuals seem to think that they can just simply, and without any regard for the individual's grievence, dismiss a valid claim because they just don't give the person an opportunity to be heard.

I will say that every human person has rights as a human being he or, she has equal rights under a Civilized :Rule of Law". This is according to the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" as set forth by the United Nations. Canada is a nation state member of this organization and therefore, Canada has a duty to abide by this Human rights declaration. Failure to abide by this Universal Declaration, means that they are committing a Crime against their own citizens. Canada and every other nation in this world has no right to expect other nations to abide by or, respect human rights laws if they don't respect and uphold them in their own jurisdiction. Every single Human Being has rights, regardless of their status in life whether they are rich, poor or have some sort of disability. they have the same rights remember that. Don't speak to me about Africa, or Afbanistan or Arabia or any other nation committing such violations until you start respecting and upholding Human Rights for every Canadian Citizen in this Country.