Friday, July 29, 2005


I was told that when Bernard Lord held his news conference on Point Lepreau.

Mary Keith < Irving robot > was there.

I guess the Irving media quickly surrounded their boss for her positive feedback on the issue of Point Lepreau!

I’m confuse!!! < not the first time > In today’s Irving papers!

The Irvings posted huge stories that the cranes at the Shipyard will be remove by September to make way for the Green Industry.

But they let it be known that the Irvings bureaucrats will work very hard in the Capital so they get the ok from the Lord Government.
Why would Mary Keith support Point Lepreau?

The Irving’s bureaucrats must be working real hard in the Capital so the Irvings will make Millions from Point Lapreau!

I feel really bad for the citizens of Saint John!

They have no news whatsoever in the Irving papers. All they read are good praising news from the Irving Empire!

It’s makes a people sick!

Of course, during the weekend these good Irving’s soldiers will praise the words of the Irving robot - Mary Keith!

Hey? If someone ever sees that woman smile? Please let me know…

No picture in this blog either. Sorry about that! Do you like the blog better with out the pictures?

LNG and now this???? Sure is a very good year for the Irving Empire!!!

Hey? They have the ok to spread their racists views in New Brunswick so who can stop them! Many one day someone will cross that thin line but it won't be moi!!!

Long live the evil Irving Empire!!!!!

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