Friday, August 05, 2005


My God??? Do you know it’s not an easy task in choosing the person of the week???


This week will also be a mystery individual.

My person of the week goes to all the people who has been fighting and educating the Lord Government for the last five years of the need of many methadone clinics around this Province.

I guess I could nominate myself on this one.

Take a close look at the title in my column? I have been writing about this issue for many years.

Charles 04_07_05 027

Yes, crime is at an all time high because of the prescription drug problem in this Province.

The waiting list are long and these clinics are located in nowhere land such as Ridgewood near the city of Saint John or Cambridge Narrows.

I would love to know the crime being done within the family unit that’s not reported to the Police.

Just this week, this guy robbed a pharmacy in Fredericton.


The funny part was that I was over my cousin place once I heard the headline on Global News - Robbery in Fredericton. I told my cousin and her husband that it must be a pharmacy that got robbed? Sure enough that what it was!

They were surprise that I hit the bull eye on that one.


The prescription drug problem in the Capital is bad. I heard that 70% of the inmates in the Provincial Jails around this Province are in there because of the Dilaudid problem on the streets!

The waiting list is around six months and while they wait? They go on a big expensive crime spree therefore causing many families much pain and suffering!

Does the Lord Government care? Of course not!

Yes, these people are my people of week.

These people are fighting with the Lord Government to do something about the prescription drug problem in this Province but their pleas are falling on deaf ears.

I would love to know how many New Brunswickers died because of Prescription drugs in this Province?


Take a close look at the issue of Ritalin?

Bernard Lord don’t care so therefore the drugging and the killing of the Children will continue till the next provincial election set for Oct 15, 2007!

ritalin mad!!!

Need I to say more? Enough said!!



Michael McKay said...

This issue has been another ongoing one that has been debated by not only our local Politicians, but also the general public, has a stake in this issue as well. I have to wonder why our tax dollars are going to help empower/enable these individuals who are addicted to these kinds of drugs I don't understand how it can help them when they are still allowed to access needle exchange programs through the hard earned tax dollars of New Brunswickers. The drug treatment program in this province is not very realistic because you can only enter the program for a few days, or a few months at most. When you are finished the program. and come back out, your old junky and addicted pals that you shot up with or, toked up with are there waiting for you to join them and the vicious circle starts all over again. I believe that in order for these people to get their dignity and selfworth badk, they need to submit to a two and one half, to three year drug treatment program that is away from the individuals they used to get high with. Especially those on Government assistance, they need to comply with drug treatment programs that is realistic and they need most of all to apply themselves and truly make an effort to live a clean and upright life. The Provincial and Federal Governments need to make funding available so those in our society and community can get the much needed help they need to return to some kind of normal life and become a contributing factor in our Community instead of a liability on Society.

Anonymous said...

Charlie,That guy was staying at the shelter all this spring ,I actually had a couple of short conversations with him at that time before returning home.
It is a shame how desperate some of these neglected individualls have become but then again maybe like you it's all in my head.
Since this wonderfull conservative party of New Brunswick headed by none other than the "Great Mr.Bernard Lord of the future"
seems to want us to believe everything is under control and that if there was and or is any problems his party is aware of, it shall and will be solved A.S.A.P.
So knowing his word is next to the allmighty himself (in his own world)
Then we should all stop grasping at straws and making up these fabrications and go back to minding our own bussiness since we're constantly told by this government,We have no idea what we're talking about.
How can it be all wrong if he's saying it's all right??????????

Charles LeBlanc said...

Speaking of Methadone? Something just happen to me around 2 hours ago on the streets of Saint John that I had to go into a bar for a drink! Wait till you hear this one!!!