Friday, August 05, 2005


I heard a good one yesterday on the streets! I guess the Saint John Police Forces busted a store that sold illegal Tobacco. Once they finish their job. The police put the smokes in their vehicle. They went inside the store for a few minutes and once they got to their vehicle? I guess the tobacco was gone!!! Only in Saint John?



Harry Duggan said...

I would urge you to ask Father Emery if the content of your blogs reflects a good Christian ethic, and I would once again urge you to dispense with the name-calling and fault-finding - two completely useless tools for social change - and to focus on ADHD.

I see very little here on a daily basis that reflects what you say you are - an ADHD activist.

I suggest you look at what other ADHD activists are doing, and follow their lead; or you could rename you site here to more accurately reflect what it is you do - highlight social injustices.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I would suggest that you once again look at the title-

In New Brunswick it's cheaper to drug our kids then to treat them with Dignity!!! Also other important issues concerning New Brunswickers!!!!

Other important issues.

As for Father Brien? He's on my list and he knows what's going on.

I know one thing about other ADHD activists.

They had the chance to appear in front of many Government committees such as the Congress on the issue of Ritalin but not in New Brunswick because as the title says-

In New Brunswick it's cheaper to drug our children than to treat them with dignity.

This trend will continue till Bernard Lord is remove from office!

I have ADHD < PROUD OF IT > therefore I have five different brains and I write on many different isues.

Thank for your concerns.

Anonymous said...

If next time you need some tabacco just check police car.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Cheaper that way!!!!!,,,,lol....