Friday, August 05, 2005


I also want to know which one covers issues in New Brunswick the best?

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Anonymous said...

CBC. Another CBC reporter Michaƫlle Jean made it to Governor General office. Congratulations to Michaƫlle Jean.

Canada first said...

global all the way IMO when it come's to news for Canadian's.

cbc & others are to conserned with everything that gos on south of our border,totally fixated to be more precise.

this is canada,i could care less what gos on in the states,not even to mention there are fifty other american tv channels we are forced to watch,if i want to hear about americans i'll go to cnn. NOT.

Anonymous said...

The CBC news for New Brunswick is ALL new brunswick news, you must be thinking of the national news.

Spinks said...

Radio - CBC ( mostly because the others aren't doing their job, althought BN reporter Kevin Bisset does well for a one-man band)

TV - ATV - Although CBC runs half an hour, most of the stories are simply made longer to kill time and are generally full of only politicians. The anchor may be in NB but plenty of content comes from elsewhere as does ATV and Global but if I want a good idea of general news in NB, ATV will almost always have it. If I want to see the politicians go at each other and push their agenda - CBC. The stories on CBC are usually dry and pretty boring,

Newspaper - NB's weeklies still do a great job. Daily - The TJ mainly because there is little other choice.

Anonymous said...

CBC has much more NB content which others do not. Reporters and anchor are quite professional. You want to know going ons in N.B. then CBC is the one to watch.

Canada first said...

what cbc news are you talking about?,the only cbc news on tv i know of is cbc newsworld? (it's like 2am here atm so maybe im not thinking stright hehe) & all they seem to do is talk about the U.S.. they show the same programing on both channels 14 & 3,both have very little about NB that i know of?. i cant stand ctv for some reason hehe,dont care for the reporters & i find they even tend to report to much on the U.S.,i am not anti-american or nothing its just like i was saying,if i want to hear about south of our border i'll watch cnn or the other 95% or our channels that are american.

global@6,global national & global sunday are all very good sorces of NB news & international news & they do not seem to be at all fixated on the U.S.,i highly recomend giving them a chance. kevin newman & the rest are all very good & professional.

i dont watch alot of tv to be honest & havent watched ctv news in a very long time but they still seem to have the same old bunch that tend to make me sick & seemed kinda foney to me from what i remember.

i watch cbc newsworld alot mostly for the documentaries & big news alerts.

i do tho visit, & ctv a fews times each a day for poll's on two of the sites & talkback on global & ofcorse all the latest news.

Anonymous said...

Yeh, you are right CNN, yuk. US government media if there is any. Boring.

CBC evening news is NB news only. Quite good. As you said news channel has lot of good ducumentaries including 'Rough Cuts'. ATV was ok when it was 1/2 news now it is one hour and they bore the hell out of you.

T.S. said...

You can debate the heck out of this one but in my opinion Global has it hands down and to prove my point all you have to do to see it,Is watch each of them for one week and the answer is quite clear-Global has most improved N.B. content over all others.
Even comparing the same stories global has much deeper details than the rest and they tend to put their line up of stories in a much more organized and prioritized order.
If this poll was about most improved newsservices to this province again Global would win hands down and I feel congradulations are in order for these improvments also keep up the good work!!
P.S. I personally want to say good luck in N.S. to Ms Foster we will miss her unique and pleasent way of interviewing and reporting what the people of New Brunswickers have been enjoying for quite some time she will be hard to replace.
She has always shown a compassion for what she does.

Spinks said...

Obviously somewhat of a personal choice and we really got into this on another blog so I won't knock someone for watching CBC TV's NB newscast but your numbers are dwindling quickly. ATV and Global beat the pants off CBC TV in NB in the number of viewers so clearly CBC is doing something enormously wrong in NB. The newscast originates in NB and they get trounced by newscasts where the anchors are sitting in Halifax. As I mentioned earlier CBC's choice of stories are usually pretty dry and that's not what an audience is looking for. Political analysis? CBC is the winner hands down but stories that show regular NBers who aren't academics or politicians - ATV and Global has them beat six ways to Sunday. CBC obviously needs to make changes before their audience completely disappears.

TS : Jacqueline Foster will be missed in NB. ATV screwed up big time when they let her go to Global. Their loss IMHO.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I just found out that CBC could go on strike!!!

Spinks said...

The question is - will anyone besides the politicians and elitists notice? These guys are already paid far higher than their private sector counterparts so it's tough to shed a tear.