Wednesday, October 12, 2005


From family name Saulnier to Sonier and years later once again to Saulnier.

Yes, this is a true sad fact in this Province especially in the English Cities.

I’ll never forget the first time I came across this situation.

It was at the Shipyard in Saint John New Brunswick and everyone had their name tag on their hard hat.


I noticed one guy name Blaine Savoy.

I reminded the guy that he spell his last name wrong.

It should be Savoie!!!

He made it perfectly clear to me that his last name was indeed Savoy and not Savoie!

Afterwards, I noticed many Family names who’s last name was French but in the English version.

Such as LeBlanc to White, LeJeune to Young, Brun to Brown, Gaudet to Gaudett and the list goes on and go.

If I miss some? Please let me know.

These Acadians had to change their last Family name so they could get a job.

It was racism at its worst kind.

Acadian Vs_ Anglo-2

Anyway this Acadian individual found out that her last name was not Sonier but Saulnier so she changed her family name to the original form and that’s the way it should be done.

I am not making these stories up.

It’s sad.

Just this week, the caretaker of my building knocked at my door and asked if I knew a Priest that would give the last rites to a 87 years old man who will probably not survive the night.

I quickly ran from my room and phone the Priest.


Once in the hospital, the old man was shock to see a French Priest at his bedside.

The old guy always goes to church but the English one.

He was bought up that way and it’s very sad to see that what the Acadian population had to go through way after the Deportation of the Acadian in 1755!


It was just lately that the Acadian population built their own little church.

Misc 137

This is one of the Acadian responsible for the building of the church,

Charles 04_11_05 008

They used to have their services at other Churches or in the school theater.

My hat goes out to the individual who change her name from Sonier to Saulnier.

Every Acadian who changed their family names during the last 100 years for they could put food on the table for their loved ones should change their name to the French version.


Sorry, I’m just writing as I feel? Maybe it’s the rain outside? Bye Bye


Thats a fact Jack said...

Your site will die fast without people leaving coments.
You can dish it out but you cant take it.
You are trying to control the media just like the Irvings do.
But its your site so do what you want.
If you make a pole and ask people why they visit this site?
I bet over half will say to read the comments and not your stories.

Later little Irving!

Charles LeBlanc said...

has nothing to do with little irving....many people told me that it will die because of all the personal attack and some as what you just said it will die with this system. I said in the past and I'll say it again. Before bloggling, I had a loyal following and these were the people I had on my list during the protest. The bloggling part is good to add pictures and reach more people on the net. I don't believe this will stop the personal attack but maybe control it a little. Lets see what's going to happen?

Charles LeBlanc said...

one more thing? One good thing about this new system? someone will have a nick? so? except using the time to reply. you could use the nick! Hey? This is new so lets not jump the gun and see what happens?

Thats a fact Jack said...

do you think people will go through all the crap and time to creat a blog account?

I think most will give up after a while.

little irving you should move these coments to your blog above (Im giving this a try)
It will look more organised.

noones here said...

I have to disagree with jack. It takes less time to create an account than it does to write what jack wrote. For those who don't want to put their current e-mail in, set up a yahoo or hotmail account. It's free. I've noticed just about anyone who puts a name to their comments starts taking shots. If the new method cleans that stuff out, it's a good idea. It's still anonymous but adds to some accountability.

Goodbye__1 said...

I agree with 'Thats a fact Jack". Anyone hardly reads blogs. It is the comments people read. By restricting it, it is the death of the site.

Thats a fact Jack said...

I agree that some comments were off the wall. Some stuff should not have been said.
Cara shouldn’t have been insulted. that was bad taste.
The flag, gay and aids comments was the funniest stuff I read in in a long time. I had a some people tell me that they never laugh so hard after reading the comments.
The welfare, French vs. English issue will always be a heated debate.
But If little Irving wants to insult certain people he should be prepare to get insulted too.
Opinions are like butt holes, everyone has one.

What the hell is a flag fag? said...

The comments are what most people come here to read.

Little Irving’s blog are sometimes boring and sometimes there good.
But you can have good debates on boring blogs.

People need a sense of humor in this life. You don’t always need to read serious or depressing stuff.
There is some stuff in little Irving’s blog that is hilarious.
But you will never be able to get little Irving to admit that he is wrong. He will never admit that comparing someone to Hitler is in bad taste. or that flags are not cool.