Wednesday, October 12, 2005


There’s one site in the Capital that always amazes me.

Take a look at this place.

Charles 04_11_05 014

It’s an antique shop and it’s located near the Soup Kitchen and the shelter.

Charles 04_07_05 090

I might add this is their next door neighbor.

Charles 04_07_05 080

I wrote a few months ago that I couldn’t believe there was only one worker working the midnight shift at this Irving gas station.

There’s many people on Dilaudid in this area and someone could do something stupid.


Thank God! Nothing has happen YET!!!

Going back to the old antique store?

Charles 04_11_05 014

I couldn’t believe many antiques all left on the balcony over night! < picture was taken in the winter >

All kinds of items for someone to grab!!!!

I’m certain that if this was in Saint John?

It would be gone in a matter of minutes?

Yes, I am truly amazes by this act of trust!

As for the Irvings?

Charles 04_07_05 080

They should hire at least two employees for the midnight shift.

Why wait till someone gets kill to act on an issue?

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Anonymous said...

Its a sad testiment to our society that some people have the money for antiques and can turn a blind eye to the poor and unfortunate at a near by soup kitchen.