Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Flags? For some it’s an important issue but for others it’s a piece of rag flapping in the wind.

Myself, I always love my Acadian flag.


As a matter of fact, this issue was one of my first letter to the editor in the 70s.

I wrote a letter to then Premier Richard Hatfield asking the Premier to fly the Acadian flag on top of the Legislature with the Union Jack.


The C.O.R. Party came in the early 90s and demanded that the Government of the day remove the Acadian Flag at the Legislature.


I was so upset that I disrupted the C.O.R. General meeting in Saint John. < It made National headlines >

These days, the Anglo Society want each City in New Brunswick to fly their unique flag during a week in September.


It got so bad that a confrontation happened in the Capital on August 15th which the President of the Anglo Society was charge with assault. < foolish charge >

During my protest, the Union Jack was flying on one hock only.< look like a pirate flag > It flew like this for 5 days.


Myself and Matthew Glenn stood together with a blowhorn demanding the Government to fix the British Flag.

Once a flag is damage by the heavy winds, I would remind the staff at the Legislature to install a new one.

I would always look at the Courtesy pole in front of the Legislature to see which flag is flying.

In past practice, they flew the Union Jack at half mast on Remembrance Day but I changed all this by suggesting the Canadian flag should be there.


I might add they agreed with my suggestion.

Last spring while in Saint John for a visit.

I noticed the Canadian flag flying while it was half ripped apart.


After bloggling the story, days later a new flag was flying at the French Fort.


The huge Beaverbrook Hotel in the Capital didn’t fly the Canadian flag for a few days and it looked empty.


If there’s still no flag in a few days, I will make a complaint to the staff.

High buildings in different Cites have a responsibility to maintain their flags.


There’s nothing uglier than a ripped or damage flag on top of a building.

Yes, we all have our own little pride about different flags in our Country and I believe this is a good thing.

What’s your favorite flag?

charles & eugene mcginley march 16, 2005


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Charles LeBlanc said...
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mr.b.lord said...
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mr.b.lord said...
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Charles LeBlanc said...

But...I will admit that this blog was bad timing after all the bad comments in the other blog but that's what we do. < ADHD > Act without thinking. Now this story is for my column in the River Valley News. I just added the pictures. I know it's a repeated blog. Sorry about that...Slow news day at the Capital but stay tune because I have a nice blog coming up. It's about an issue that happen to me at the Legislature last week! Very sad story indeed.....

jwmcq said...

Personally I think that there should only be certain flags flying at our Provincial Legislature, specifically the Canadian flag, Provincial flag, Acadian flag, and the Union Jack. Of course if we have a foreign dignitary visiting we should fly the flag of their country as well.

My rationale is that both the Canadian and the Province's flags represent who we all are. The Union Jack and the Acadian Flag's represents the heritage of most NBer's today.

No flags other than those which represent country, province, or heritage should be allowed to fly over our provincial legislature. Flags which represent political statements, IE; Gay Pride or the Anglo Society, etc. have no place flying at all, because they represent political causes, not heritage. The smart thing would be to disallow all such flags or banners, which do not represent Country, Province or founding heritage, that way there would be no expectations or intense lobbying for one cause or another.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I disagree about the union jack, who cares about heritage, the union jack is the flag of another country, not ours. It is a colonial power that we are finally getting rid of, only to see american flags flying on many businesses and tourist attractions. I even disagree about the acadian flag, the province is bilingual and the flag represents ALL New Brunswickers. If not, then I also advocate flying the Miqmaq and Malicite flags as well. They were here longest, and they are as much a cultural entity as the acadians. If immigrations starts to increase, are we going to fly the flags of China and India? If people aren't happy with the current flag I suggest all New Brunswickers get together to make a flag which represents everybody (what the heck does a lion and a ship have to do with the province anyway?) Then vote on it.

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Charles LeBlanc said...
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Anonymous said...



Charles LeBlanc said...

I don't wish to delete any comments but what am I suppose to do with the personal attacks of people who's not even in this blog? Please tell me???

mr.b.lord said...

Ya The hatfeild familly will sue a gay man on welfare.
I dont think so.

thanks for your support

Anonymous said...

So fag does not like flag anymore or flag does not like fag anymore.

Anonymous said...

You dont have to wory about getting sued.

The gays have more rights then strait people do.

mr.b.lord said...

4:27 PM

that is hilarious

thank you for your support

Charles LeBlanc said...

i gave up,,,,

Anonymous said...

Hatfield family will have to sue hundereds of other people too. Why would they sue? It is a well known fact. To promote FLAG Richard Hatfield's picture is quite appropriate. No one should hold that against you.

Anonymous said...

Hatfeild loves flags
Charlie and Tim like flags too.
some other people like flags too
Some people dont like flags.
Some people hate flags
Its there personal choice.

I like Harlys,bere and woman.
Thats my choice.

Anonymous said...

This blog is becoming ridiculous. It is not longer appropriate to discuss serious issues.

Anonymous said...


Are you serious?

Anonymous said...

bring back spinks. at least the only person bashed was spinks. this forum has become nothing more than a bunch kids who want to be bullies.

Anonymous said...

It has to do nothing with Spinks. Probably he is back under anonymous and stuff. However, when he signs Spinks he does become a target.

Anonymous said...

what your problem with spinks. that was better than all this gay stuff against charles. kept you guys occupied anyway. at least the posts made sense.

Anonymous said...

"when he signs Spinks he does become a target." That is what was said. Nothing to do with me.

spinks said...

that doesn't make sense but let's test your theory.

Anonymous said...

It was ok for Charles to attack politicians, the Irving’s, human rights etc etc but he is not supposed to be attacked.
He has compare people to Hitler.
Hitler has almost ruined mankind and has tortured and killed millions of people.

I think Charles just got what he deserved.

Maybe the people that he bashed and made fun of deserved it up to a point.
Lord sucks but Charles can suck too.
If your ready to bash and try to humiliate people be prepared to have it happen to you.
Charles has been throwing crap at people for a long time and he lately got crap trowed at him this time.
I have to agree that I am amazed that Charles hasn’t flipped out yet because he is known to have a very short fuse and is known to lose it completely. I was waiting for his ugly face to pop through my computer monitor but it didn’t happen…..yet.
I think Charles has learned his lesson. I don’t think he will continue to delete comments that don’t agree with his views. Some comments are over the wall and should be deleted.

I really was expecting him to flip out. I still cant believe that he didn’t flip out.
I guess he has matured a bit in his old age.

I will back off Charles for a while
I think he had enough.
But if I think he deserves it I will let MY VIEWS known.

Peace time !

Anonymous said...

8:39 PM.
So where is Spinks. His name appears in hyperlink. What is your point? Moreover his views bring the reaction.

Anonymous said...

8:49 PM I agree that Mr. Leblanc has established himself as a very rude person. He brags that he is good at brawls. Only an idiot would reveal himself in that manner. For all that he is paying the price.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I came back.....some of you made it sounds like I did something very wrong???? All I'm doing here is stating my views on different issues of the day....I usually keep on bloggling while you readers debate the issue but you don't have to slam someone who has the guts to leave a name. This site is suppose to debate issues and I got a great one coming during the next few days of what happened to m at the Legislature. Some will agree with me and some will disagree but this is what this site is all about! I don't get paid for this and its a hobby. I challenge anyone to leave a nick like Cora, spinks and the others so we know where they are coming from? The names of the leaders of the parties was funny at first but its taken its toll......

huh? who me? said...

The hitler thing. Pictures and comparing people to hitler is something that pisses lots of people off.
When you compare someone to hitler you deserve to be called a
flag fag or queer.
Some thing shouldnt be said.
you should read about Hitler before throwing his name around.


Charles LeBlanc said...

My point about the Irvings and Hitler are very very very clear....I even said it on talk shows. The way that the Irvings are controlling letters to the editor is the same as Hitler did once he took power. Lets not forget the racist supervisor from Gulf Operators Brian Grant who always told his workers that no niggers or frogs should be allowed to work within the Irving Empire. I told J.D. Irving himself of this racist supervisor and nothing was done. I know they don't go around and execute people but they control the media big times. Look what happened to the editor of the so call HERE paper???? Ok...I'm going to blog a story...

huh? who me? said...

You were doing the same thing with your blogs. You were removing the comments that didn’t agree with your views. Some of your readers were even calling you the little Irving.
So your doing the same thing as the Irving’s are doing.
But the Hitler deal....That’s crap and his name or picture shouldn’t even be on your little site.

As for the golf operator calling you a frog or other things.
I have worked on construction all my life and I was called a frog hundreds of time by English workers. I have heard lots of racist stuff on most of the construction site that I worked on.
Your not in church Charley
People that knew you then would probably agree that you were a pain in the ass and a shit disturber.
You have beat up some of your co workers, bosses, and even some head union guys while working at the shipyard.
And you wonder why the Irving’s did what they could to get rid of you?
You told JD Irving that someone called you a name? Grow up Charles that’s kindergarten stuff.

I called you a fruitloop eating flag fag.....
So what are you going to do?
Call the cops on me? Report me to human rights?
This aint Burger King
You cant have it you way.