Tuesday, November 22, 2005


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Yes, I truly believe these two are working hand in hand.

It’s raining hard outside so I watched the beginning of the show but quickly turned the station.

This guy is promoting the Irving’s newspapers on the air!!!!!

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So? Call me paranoid that I’m asking the question?

Did he accept a bride from the Irvings to deny me the right to call in after years of not crossing that line?

From what I saw this evening?

Rogers Television and the Irvings are working side by side against New Brunswickers.

You should have seen it?

Right on Live television promoting the Irving Empire!!!!!

It made me so sick!!! CNN is much better!...lol

rich web

Can someone proved me that I’m wrong on this one????


Anonymous said...

That's like myself telling others I read your Blog, and they call me Crazy for doing so.

Then again maybe I am for reading this Blog

Charles LeBlanc said...

there's a lot of crazy people reading this blog!!!...lol

Anonymous said...

It's business, simple as that. One company pays another to advertise them. No doubt Irving newspapers pays Rogers and no doubt they have ads for Rogers shows. It's called business.

vivenewbrunswick said...

It's business, simple as that. One company pays another to advertise them. No doubt Irving newspapers pays Rogers and no doubt they have ads for Rogers shows. It's called business.

Charles LeBlanc said...

They can do all the business they want....it's the denying certain callers to call in that I'm concern of????

Anonymous said...

You're right Charles as always, it's all just a Big Communistic Plot, " Just To Get And Pick ON You " as always with every company and organization, and even Santa

Why don't you run for Politics, you have all the answers.

I hope you really do complain to the CRTC, Boy they'll have a field day with you. They'll even have you going Nut's and begging for Mercy.

Anonymous said...

YOu are quite right to be concerned about screening callers so don't be distracted by side issues. Cross advertising is all over the business world and that's all it is.

Denying the right to call is the real issue. In this you are somewhat wrong that it is YOU that they are against, it is what you are SAYING that they don't want to hear. So long as you write letters about having more french resources in Fredericton you've got all the free speech you want. However, as we know, that was just a side interest of yours. If all you were doing was fighting for more accessories for French students in Fredericton you'd be the poster boy for the papers and radio. If you stopped saying important things, then they'd welcome you with open arms.

But they don't want to hear 'those things', which is why they try to shut you up, and is also why their sycophants spend their time here trying to justify the lack of free speech in the province. In New Brunswick, the propaganda is that everything is nice and rosy, and ignore the rest.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Very well said 9:07 AM. The Irvings knows that they can't sell their newspapers because the public knows that only the elite will be allowed to write letters to the editor. Now? The Irvings and Rogers Television have joined together in a new low in New Brunswick. It's bad enough they will deny individuals the right to speak out but now they are trying to brainwash the public via television to buy the Irving's newspapers! Very sad period in New Brunswick indeed.

Anonymous said...


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