Tuesday, November 22, 2005


While in Saint John, I was surprise how many people asked me the reason that I was no longer on Voice of the Province?

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This is a talk show program on Rogers Television.

They invite politicians on the show and New Brunswickers can asked questions to the elected officials.

Rogers television started a new game and it goes against our democratic system.

They took orders from someone < Could be the Irvings or the Lord Government > that I wasn’t allowed to phone in the talk shows any longer.

I have been phoning these talk shows for years and never once have I cross that line.
While in Saint John, I've been asked the reasons I don't called in these shows any longer by many citizens such as this one?


What really bothers me if they won’t accept phone calls from pay phones.

The poor people in New Brunswick are not allowed to call in.

This is a terrible step backwards in this Province.

Rogers Television tried in vain to help Bernard Lord win the Bi-election in Saint John by screening phone calls.


I am told that from now on? Any caller who goes against the politicians of the Lord Government will never be allowed to call again.

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This is dictatorship at it’s worst. < Beside the Irvings >

I phoned CFBC talk of the town this morning that told the listeners the same story. I always say- THANK GOD FOR TALK SHOWS!!!


But this morning, I made it perfectly clear that I will no longer say that line because of Rogers Television denying the right to New Brunswickers to speak out!




I strongly believe that if CFBC didn’t have the talk show? Michelle Hooten would have won the election because the Irving media backed her up 100%!!!


Shame on Rogers television joining the Irvings denying New Brunswickers right to speak.


From what I’m told? This Rich Crosby kid who took the place of Dennis Melanson began to give out his view on different issues. He does this at the beginning of the program.

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Someone is backing him up big times.

I got the proof because seconds before I was going on the air, the producer told me that this Crosby kid got orders not to take my calls any longer.

So? Was this Crosby kid paid under the table to deny my right to speak?

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I will sent a letter to the C.R.T.C. but I’m going to zero in on the issue of pay phone. The C.R.T.C. must investigate Rogers Televsion!!!!

To this little dictator kid Crosby?

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If you believe that New Brunswickers are that stupid to believe your views?

You are wrong and don’t expect that this show will make you a celebrity that you can run for political office because I will be right there to tell the public what you really are!

I really don't care if i'm allowed to call but I am a strong believer of freedom of speech especially is a caller don't cross that thin line.

Now? What made me write about this issue anyway?


Must be the weather outside. Raining hard!!!...lol


Johnathan Klain said...

If I had a talk show I wouldn't let you on either, because I think your Nuts.

The world is all wrong, and you're the only one who has all the cures for the world.

I think the only reason CFBC allows you on is becuase, their at a point where they'd even allow Charles Manson on if he called.

CFBC is # 5 in the Radio Ratings. And soon they'll be bought by a Quebec company, and I bet they'll do away with Talk Of The Town.

Then you won't be a star anymore

Charles LeBlanc said...

Moi? A star??? I never believe that one.
I'm just a person who has a view on issues like everyone else.

So? You believe that talk of the town should be shut down?

I wonder how many people agrees with ya?

Thank You for leaving a nick? Anyone should do the same!

Maurice the homeless guy said...

me me me me I I I I
Everything is always a conspiracy against Charles.
Charles has a big mouth and has burned too many bridge.
Your not anyone special you know.
You are known to the media and politicians and most people as a nut case.
All the papers, radio talk shows, TV talk shows don’t want to hear what you have to say.
Now run along and go play in the traffic.

Anonymous said...

Charles, I know you don't think you're the only one with freedom of speech. Please consider, the Rogers company owns that station: don't they have freedom of expression? And if so, don't they get some say over what goes on on their shows?

What about the producer, or Crosby? Don't they get top have a say over what's on their show?

But also, I'm confused: your blog says someone told you Crosby got orders to keep you off the air, but later you're angry with him. If he was following orders, what's your beef with him? Maybe i'm just misunderstanding?

Charles LeBlanc said...

If Rogers promotes freedom of speech then they should allowed anyone on a first call basis but they is not what they are doing? They are choosing certain individuals to go on the air and this is not good at all! It's discrimitating against certain people. As for Crosby? I was going to be on the air and seconds before the producer cuts in and tells me in a friendly way that Crosby didn't want me on the air. He got the orders from someone. I was told to phone Voice of the Province but that evening I was told they will not take callers from a pay phone so I went to a public phone and they told me to leave a message to the rogers viewers hotline! Therefore the C.R.T.C. would investigate Rogers Television on their tactics but we can't let people from Ontario denying our freedom of speech!!!! Shmae on Rogers!!! By the way? I sent them a letter but I got no reply from Rogers so I decided to go public!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't underestimate yourself Charles, you ARE a star by New Brunswick terms. You're so popular you even have your own mealymouthed hate group who badmouth all the issues you bring up.
The people who work at Rogers are numbskulls. They are such racists that I heard the guy they brought in to do 'sensitivity training' told a racist joke as soon as he showed up.
I love reading all the 'bash Charles' comments, what other website or blog in the world would tolerate such conduct, certainly not Rogers or Irving. Kudos to you Charles for putting up with the malcontents. Who is more nuts, the nut or the people who spend time and make comments at his website?

Maurice the homeless guy said...

Go take some tic tac and clean your brown nose.

Michael G. McKay said...

I do believe that we still live in a free Nation or, have reverted to Communism or, Socialistic Society where the freedom of speach is dictated by whatever regeme is in power. We have seen all of our most cherished and traditional values flushed down the toilet by these "Knucklehead" who think that they are more important then other people. I do believe in freedom so long as it is according to traditional Moral and Family Values. it is on the basis and only on the basis of these Values that I believe in the freedom of expression. Anything has no Merit or validity.

Anonymous said...

Here is the new Santa that appeared in the parade and the rag. I will ask the old Santa if he wants his name and number to be blogged first then I'll send it to you as soon as I find out.

About the irving boys and rogers and all those sand bag comments against you, take Care and don't let them get to you, they're just sore losers that's all. Don't get unstuck.

Spinks said...

Every single employee at Rogers is a racist 2:44?! Including the minorities who work there? I doubt that very much.

I don't know why they won't let you on Charles but I agree with the pay phone policy. If they didn't have that, anyone could just hop on a pay phone and go on TV and say whatever slanderous statment they wanted with no accountability. I don't see how that's discriminating against the poor. If a person can afford cable TV, I'm guessing they also have a phone but even if they didn't, are they really going to be watching a show and run to a payphone to call in? Not very often.

Anonymous said...

Did the remark SAY that EVERY member of Rogers was racist? Clean the crud from your eyes and read for a change. There are VERY few minorities at Rogers, go walk into their office sometime.

These remarks are just hysterical: yes, we want freedom of speech, just not unaccountable speech or speech that doesn't conform to 'family values'. Jawhohl mein christian fuhrers! Speech is NEVER free if you've got conditions on it dumbasses. Every fascist nation and empire in existence has had 'freedom of speech' as long as it agrees with their conditions. Nice move hypocrites. I have a feeling you'd say something different if it was YOUR rights impeded on.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Very good point Spinks and I will look any iy but I never made any bones about me being poor. I lived in a rooming house and I used the pay phone to call in. There was no problem for the past year ubtil Rogers came out with this new policy. Sounds more like poor bashing to me? Rogers being racists? Where did they get that one now??? I chatted with a former member of the staff < not Denis > of
this issue of denying some certain individuals the right to call? I was told that my name was bought years ago but New Brunswickers told the people from Ontario to backed off! I'm going to send that letter to the CRTC this week and sees what can be done? You people know that I will hammer this issue all year long. I won't go away. Just ask the Irvings if I'm stubborn?

Anonymous said...

We can't lose Talk of the Town. We need this voice out there. Have you ever listened to Rogers Radio News? They must have family associated with Saint John Common Council. Seems Every story they broadcast is sooooooooooooooo rosy when it comes to Norm and his Council. Storys that are boring and mediocar get such positive headlines on this station. How about this one Team Saint John makes major progress in China. Didn't they just get a verbal or written agreement from the port of China to say they will do a report on potentialy seeing if they will potentially do business with out Port? See what I mean? Should have this been a major Headline all day on the Radio? We need CFBC's Talk of the Town. I only wish the show did the odd night time version so people who work all day without a radio could voice their opionions.

Spinks said...

Thanks for clarifying your statement 6:18 but there's no need to be rude. I read the statement pretty clearly without "crud" in my eyes, when you wrote "The people who work at Rogers are numbskulls. They are such racists..." you didn't say some, so it's a pretty absolute statement. As I've said many times I don't buy this "every single white person is a racist" mentality which so often pops up on this site by someone or some people and I point it out when it appears as I did so here. Again, thanks for clarifying your statement. Personally I don't think anyone here is a "dumbass", we merely disagree. I don't think calling people names is needed but call me what you like. It's been worse.

Keep at it Charles. As long as when you call you're respectful I don't see any reason why they should not take your call. In your particular case, even from a payphone because let's be honest, they know who YOU are.

Anonymous said...

We Your fan club Charlie is waiting to hear you on one of the Rogers Talk Shows, preferably with Tom Young.

Why haven't you been on ?

Anonymous said...

Yes Tell all of your fans why you haven't been on the Tom Young Talk Show :

It's doesn't seem quite right not hearing you on, when other callers to CFBC have been on.