Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I forgot to paste this email. Does anyone has the name and phone number of the old Santa? I could post it here if he's looking for work. Here's a reader view -

This just in...THIS IS THE NEW SANTA!!! DOES ANYONE HAVE A PICTURE OF THE OLD SANTA???? See???? Anyone can become a Blogger Journalist??? Thanks!!!

new santa

I heard that Old Santa is going to be stand to the side at Market Square tonight (of course not dressed as Santa). The news people will be there. Don't post this because he does not want anyone to know; he will be standing there with a friend. The plot thickens in Saint John. What next?

The Mayor ran a compaign that it would an open Council and iclusive of all people and he would be accessible ( must be a different meaning to him); people can't reach him or his expensive assistant who gets paid more $40 thousand with all the deals they make for themselves. Interesting bunch of crap that he and 5 or 6 Councillors ran together on.

I suspect they will pull off some things soon. This is the cheapest Mayor because this parade is a Santa Claus parade and he is Royal but the treated Santa like he is disposable and possibly another part of the City will take over the parade.
In the end I hope they get sued ( by previous Mayor McAlary) for slander they spread, especially since they knew it was not true but they let things take it time; how cruel against a Mayor who cares about the people and was always there if you needed her. The problem was the government they wanted to get rid of her and never gave the city any money. Politics at it 's finest. Hope she gets back in; she's had my vote all along. People wanted change but now they want Norm McFarlane gone and it can't happen fast enough. Hope he gets a chuck of coal, Mr. Scrooge.

Thanks for being patient; so as I know I let you know what is going on.


Anonymous said...

Yes I'm very happy with the new Santa`

Ang I sent him a letter asking him to drop you off a Big Chunck Of Coal { lol }

Unsigned Letter! said...

Yes you can be happy with the new santa because you have never seen or spoken to the Real Santa. People who know him knew we had the rael one and ere very disappointed but he was at the Imperial and the children ahad milk and cookies and talked with santa, the knew one has no voice. We could of marketed this Santa and people from all over would of come. Process not not letting know they were not going to use him not that they used another Santa. One week and half before the parade does not leave time to find a job. It certainly was not a proformance issue and then they tired to make it a money issue but that was not true either people would of gladly paid and Santa volunteered for seven years and they offered him money last year. Santa has expenses and he will have no problem getting work we he gets the exposure. I think the kids should pick the Santa out not the Mayor and his Uptown Saint John friends, the Real Santa would win hands down. Rent a Santa serves a purpose but the Real Santa is what Saint John should of had. They just received another $10 thousand from the City, ironic or what! We know McGraw said he owns the City, truer words were never quoted!

Realism said...

There is no Santa, are all you people living in a fantasy world ?

And that isn't No Hum Bug. All Santa is, is an old fashioned Fairy Tale. Bottom Line

Get it Real !!

Still believe in Santa Claus! said...

No wonder this world is so messed up. You can't have fun at Christmas; Santa is just part of the fun for the kids and the kids at heart. Humbug to you because this Real Santa could be used as they use any character at Disney World; don't shoot down what you know anything about.
Ask the owners at the Imperal who has the Real Santa there; they believe it and are so happy to have him. Santa has to be more then a suit and wave only. This Santa can carry a real conversation with the children and has the deep voice and the presence. He doesn't just put on a fake beard; he has the real one and kids can pull it. Anyone who just throws out the comments have never ever seen him or heard him before. Happy to know the Real Santa and I still believe in him and the spirit of giving joy to all people. Merry Christmas to the Real Santa!

Anonymous said...

Ang I bet you still believe in the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny as well :

Keep It Real

Open your mind and believe in Santa! said...

If we can make money using a real Santa that draw an interest for parents and children and promote this at Christmas what's the problem. Don't knock a good thing!