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Tanker Malley made the right move because here in New Brunswick, we don’t have a Sunday Paper so therefore these Irving’s columnist are going nuts to give their views on the big news story of the year. < beside the defeat of the Lord Government >

Tanker sent out a memo late Friday evening and the Daily Gleaner made it their front page news.

So what does all this mean anyway?

Bernard Lord face the media Saturday and he didn’t look upset but he made one grave boo boo!

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He began to discredit Tanker for leaving.

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HERE'S THE STORY ON CTV NEWS!!!! P.S. I didn't know we could use the word - BULLSHIT!!!! Read on....

N.B.'s Lord unfazed by loss of majority status Updated Sat. Feb. 18 2006 11:37 PM ET News

New Brunswick Premier Bernard Lord said on Saturday he will continue to govern even after suddenly losing his narrow majority in the provincial legislature.

Michael "Tanker" Malley announced Friday he was leaving the Conservative Party to sit as an independent after being spurned for a cabinet post.

The MLA for Miramichi Bay-du-Vin will now hold the balance of power as the Tories, including the Speaker, hold 27 seats while the Liberals have 26 seats. Malley and Frank Branch are the two independent MLAs in the 55-seat legislature.

"He will decide whether or not the government survives or the government falls," said John McKay, the mayor of Miramichi.

"He will decide whether or not there will be an election. He is the most powerful man in New Brunswick today."

In a news release on Friday, Malley complained the government isn't giving enough support to Miramichi, a region hit hard by the closure of a pulp and paper mill.

Lord was unfazed by Malley's departure.

"It really doesn't change a whole lot," he said. "Between now and the session, things are the same. We had to be very disciplined when we had 28 members and we'll have to be very disciplined when we have 27."

Malley's decision means the Conservatives could be defeated any time, said Don Desserud, a political scientist at the University of New Brunswick.

"It would depend on the vote brought forward whether they (the Conservative party) lose that vote," said Desserud.

Lord told the Canadian Press he could've have held onto Malley as a Conservative if he had agreed to a series of demands Malley made after being left out of the latest cabinet shuffle.

Lord said Malley asked him for several political favours. They included the appointment of a friend as a judge and more money for his Miramichi constituency office.

The friend, Fredericton lawyer Cleveland Allaby, told CP: "This whole thing about a judicial appointment is bullshit.''

The Conservatives will table a budget when the legislature resumes sitting in March. Lord said if the opposition defeats the government, he is prepared for an election.

With a report from CTV's Michelle Dassinger and files from The Canadian Press

I am very sorry but that’s a huge mistake.

You’ll suppose to make these independent MLA happy and not make them angry.

So angry that he’ll bring down the Government???

Bernard Lord’s ego once again did him in.

It’s all over but the crying but there’s a another interesting issue that New Brunswickers should watch very closely.

I remember at the beginning of my protest, I confronted the Memramcook- Dieppe MLA Cy LeBlanc and told him that he shouldn’t enjoy his pension yet because the Government will be defeated.


Many MLA’S could be without a pension if the Lord Government is defeated.

Isn’t that a darn shame????

What about Tanker? What is he going to do? Join the Liberals?

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Could he win the Liberal nomination in his riding?

As for Bernard Lord? It’s over!!!

The good thing about this? He cannot do like other Premiers in the past by traveling the world at the end of his mandate.


The end is really near for Bernard Lord political career and New Brunswickers will see what kind of Premier Shawn Graham will be?

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I know for a fact that the issue of drugging our kids will finally be confronted head on.

These poor kids will not have to wait till the year of 2007 to be saved.

New Brunswickes should watch the Premier very closely because you’re going to be some political appointments as you never seen before.

I expect a few P.C. MLA will announce they’re not running again because they know the writing is on the wall.


I do feel bad for these new Cabinet Ministers who just got promoted from the backbenches.

For them? It’s all over but the crying. New Brunswick will have a new Government during the summer months all because Bernard Lord made an independent MLA very angry!

His ego bought down the Government.


Anonymous said...

THere are hundreds of thousands of voters, you don't speak for them so you don't know anything about how people will vote.
As for the liberals, have they PROMISED you they'll do something about drugs, or is it blind faith?

Charles LeBlanc said...

Maybe I'm wrong??? Maybe Bernard will be re-elected in a huge landslide??? Who knows but one thing is certain? I chatted with many voters and many are not interested in politics but if you mention- Bernard Lord? This turn angry. Of course this is just my opinion.

Anonymous said...


I hope Shawn reinstitutes the TOLLS on that new highway to Moncton.

They never should have been removed. As far as people living and working in the area they could have been given transponders similar as to what is being used on the Harbour Bridge in Saint John to allow free passage. It would have amounted to peanuts in comparison to what is being lost to free loading trucking companies and American tourists heading to PEI and Nova Scotia. You don't see them getting any break on the Bridge or the Highway to Halifax do you?

jwmcq said...

For that matter they could have used the old road as they were doing before the new highway was built. They still have that choice by going through Peticodiac and either through Salisbury or Berry Mills. They do not need to use the new highway, but if they want to, let them pay like everyone else should. The government of New Brunswick has never subsidized the tolls on teh Harbour Bridge in Saint John, except when the Reversing Falls Bridge is down for some reason. Saint John has the only toll-road in the Province, and

I don't see Bernie stepping in offering to take away those tolls. We in Saint Jhn have a choice to make, we can either use the Reversin Falls Bridge, toll free, or we can opt to use the Harbour Bridge by depositing a quarter at the toll-booth, or instead opting to purchase tokens or using a transponder on the dash of our vehicles at a cost of $.15 per crossing.

Definitely the tolls should be put back on that highway so that everyone who chooses to use it pays, or leave it toll-free but also drop the tolls on the Saint John Harbour Bridge. Let's stop the disrimination agaisnt Saint John citizens.

Anonymous said...

Saint John will never get the tolls off Zed and Mayor McFarlane have a paln to take $200 thousand each year for the Harbour Passage and I'm sure if they could they will up the toll. Yes it is discrimination. The Mayor and Council needs to go because they represents the big corporation and would sell his soul and claim it is the best interest of the people. If there is a way most people would sign up and demand the Mayor step down. We have more people from other areas that have more say and positions with Committes and Boards then the people here in Saint John. Just look at Enterprise Saint John.

Mayor has made so many deals and the look into my eyes has turned into a nightmare. Yes he admitted he had his hands in someones pocket. The expense account of the mayor and council should be made public; we have tired to find out but the have not come forward as yet.

Disgusted! said...

Yes the Mayor can run around and try and bring in a few hundred thousand here and there but it will never bring in the kind of money Saint John should be receiving each year. They can't collect on the water taxes from the billionaires and the LNG tax deal that will cost a whole lot more in the end. Behind closed doors so the public won't know what is going on. Also let's have Boards and Commisions that are people from the surrounding areas; they have the say and the people here don't. Disgusted with the lack of respect and it is getting worse. Husband retires in 3 years and I have ten years but we may have to pull out of here sooner. We had plans to live in our house until we were too sick or dead but now we wonder with the water prices, harbour cleanup and property taxes. We have lived in our house 29 years and we don't have a mortgage but we struggle eac year to pay our taxes. The cost of fuel,gas,power,food, the surcharges, hidden taxes, hst, gst;we are gouged all the time and our politicians make deals with the billionaires and turn their backs on the rest of us!