Sunday, February 19, 2006


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When you protest against the Government or the Legislative Assembly?

You have to be ahead of the game.

I have been told to watch myself in the Legislator.

I began thinking to myself - What could happen now?

What are the Quebec security staff up to now?


I believe that I figured out their latest plan to have me evicted from the People’s House.

Bev Harrison is history as Speaker.


I always liked the guy. I enjoyed chatting with him while he was Principal of Saint John High.

In his office, he had pictures of the Queen all over the place. He’s a proud monarchist.

The first time, I protested in 2002, he signed papers to have me evicted from the ground of the Legislature. I was out of there in 12 days.


In the summer of 2003, I was surprised that the Quebec security staff totally ignored me for the first few weeks.

After a month, they knew that I began to adjust to the surrounding. You must understand that I didn’t know one single individual in the Capital.


I heard that Dan Bussieres was going to have the Speaker of the House signed papers to have me evicted.

Late in the evening, I noticed Bev Harrison all along in front of the Beaverbrook Hotel.


I confronted him with this question – Bev? I heard you a proud monarchist told someone that you were going to sign papers and have me deported like they did to the Acadians in 1755?

Any thruth to this? He quickly denied ever making that claim.

I told the speaker of the House that if he signed papers to have me evicted from the ground? I will call him a bigot monarchist for the rest of his miserable life!

He knew me and he knew that I would do it.

I’m certain that the Sargeant At Arms told the Speaker that enough is enough and told the speaker to sign papers but
Bev would have nothing to do with it!


He didn’t wish to be lebel for life!!!!…

Now we come to the new Speaker of the House Tony Huntjens.


As a rookie speaker, he might signed anything the Sargeant At Arms asks him to sign.

I can see it now? Dan Bussieres congratulates the new Speaker and tells him to quickly signed these papers.


One of the papers will be to have me evicted from the People’s House.


But this time around? It would be a total different ballgame because Tony is known member of the C.O.R. Party so it would truly be interesting.

Would Tony sign the papers? Who know?

The best thing for the Quebec security staff the do is to leave me be and everything will be ok.


Dan Bussieres knows that the Lord Government will fall during the next few months so he has to move fast.

At least, I’m on record to predict their latest ploy to do me some harm.

This guy told me to give him a call if something happens. It'll be like the blacks and the KKK side by side.

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Stay tune.


Anonymous said...


Good one!

What's that saying the Arabs have?

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend"

It will be interesting to see if your Bigot Buddies come to your defence! LOL.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Talk to him on the phone a couple of days ago and everything is all set. All we need is those Quebercers to move in on me and the fun begins!!!!