Sunday, February 19, 2006


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Lord said Malley asked him for several political favours. They included the appointment of a friend as a judge and more money for his Miramichi constituency office.

The friend, Fredericton lawyer Cleveland Allaby, told CP: "This whole thing about a judicial appointment is bullshit.''

But Bernard Lord is also a lawyer. It should be a very interesting week in the People's House?


Anonymous said...

"It should be a very interesting week in the People's House"

It sure should, Charles!!!

Anonymous said...

Yep there's an understatement!

Anonymous said...


Nepotism (favours) is what drives the Marimachi! LOL.

The Tank is only doing what comes natural!

At least he asked. The Evil Empire DEMANDS! LOL.

Anonymous said...

If the Conservative MLAs are smart they will all move to the independent side of the house! To do otherwise is to throw their lot in with Bernie and we all know what's in store for him in the next election!

jwmcq said...

Anyone who is now sitting in Cabinet has a target painted on their chest, and will be toast come election time. For it means that they are nothing but puppets for Bernard Lord and his delusions of grandeur. Even they should have brain's enough to realize that aside from the fools in Moncton electing Bernard Lord, the rest of the province will go Liberal.