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It’s been quite a day for the staff at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen.

After Sunday's morning break in, they felt pretty down.

As a matter of fact, I believe they were too disgusted to tell the media what has just happen?

But when you have a nosy blogger around?


Well, it’s pretty difficult to keep a story like this one silent.

I blogged the story Sunday afternoon and I was told that I should wait till the story appears in the Irving newspaper.

Well? That’s not my style and if they believe that I’m going to remain silent on this one?

Well, it’s not going to happen.

I was surprised the story wasn’t in the Irving newspaper for two days.

They did have the story on today’s front page.


ATV News with Monica Verma covered the story last night and things began to unfold.

Picture 001

This morning, I listen to 92.3 FRED fm and boy did they ever go overboard.

They asked the public for money and money the Soup Kitchen got.

I don’t usually go there at noon but this time around? I had to go and see if there was any action?

Action???? All kinds!!!

The phone rang while I was there and the staff seem happy.

George Piers told me that he was overwhelm by the support of the public. You could tell that he was very emotional.

A call came from out west after they read the story on my blog and the money is on its way!

Other calls came from a big company from Ontario.

While in George’s office? Someone walked in with an envelope with a check inside.

Picture 019

The phone rang and rang.

While leaving the office, I bumped into a reporter from CBC.

All the media are here I guess?

I made a stopover at 92.3 FRED FM and met for the first time the woman that was leading the troops to help the Soup Kitchen.

Picture 016

Juanita McKnight is doing a wonderful job and she has one day and a half left to fill the pot.

They pray to collect $15,000!!!!

I bumped into my old friend the parking Commissionaire whom I blogged last week as the weapon of mass destruction in the Capital because he quit smoking….lol…

Charles 04_11_05 004

He told me that many people are asking him where the 92.3. fm station was located?

People wish to help and this is a good thing.

Later on in the day, I walked in the Soup Kitchen and noticed George Piers with the cell phone in his hand.

Picture 028

He told me the phone has never stop ringing all day long.

92.3 Fred Fm was pushing the issue and George was busy answering the phone.

Picture 012

He told me a woman called and said that she has heard the story of a small child giving all his allowance to the Soup Kitchen so therefore she believe that if a young child can give his allowance?

She can give $1,000!!!

While chatting with George the phone ran again and after a lengthly chat?

George told me it was religion from Nacawick.

The individual was going to chat with his parishioners to see what can be done to help?

My god? That area has went through a very hard time during the past year so they know how much the Fredericton Soup Kitchen has done for the poor.

Just tonight while going into a store. People would comment while seeing the sad front page story!

Picture 224

I asked if the Irvings offered to help? I was told in a very direct ay that the Irvings are helping every day!!!

Maybe the Irvings are not that bad???



I also heard some interesting stories about the Jerks who broke in but I will remain silent on this one. < for once >…lol…Just tonight?

Picture 237

I heard that someone was arrested and the name just doesn’t ring a bell but I did hear his name in the past.

I can honestly say that George looks much better than Sunday.

Yes, people do have a heart and lets see what’s going to happen in this awful situation?

Stay tune for the latest in this blog!!!!


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Anonymous said...

"FILL THE POT" for the Fredericton Community Kitchen!

Hey it's Brad Muir here Program Director at FRED-FM. As you have probably heard by now, the Fredericton Community Kitchen was the victim of a break and enter this week. The losses have put the Kitchen in a pretty serious situation.

The Fredericton Community Kitchen relies on over 200 volunteers and your donations to serve over 9000 meals a month. The Community Kitchen does more than serve meals though. It has training programs to assist people with returning to the workplace, helps with referrals for other community services, and much more. Unfortunately, this break-in has put the continued operation of the community kitchen in immediate danger.

It's our mission here at FRED-FM to get the Fredericton Community Kitchen back to functioning at 100%.

Help us "FILL THE POT" for the Fredericton Community Kitchen. We want to raise $15,000 by 12 Noon on Friday to replace the damaged and stolen items.

Yes, it's a lofty goal but you have proven before with events like "Stuff A Bus" and "923 Coats" that when your community needs step up.
This is one of those times!

Get your friends at work or school together, do a corporate donation, make a personal cash donation, loose change whatever! Every bit helps.

Join us tomorrow (Thursday) at the Fredericton Mall parking lot
between 11a - 1p. We'll be set up so you can make a drive through donation!
You can also drop off cash donations here at the FRED-FM studios, Suite 400, 77 Westmorland Street (TD Tower).

$15,000 by Friday at noon.we can do it with your help!

"FILL THE POT" for the Fredericton Community Kitchen.
On behalf of the Fredericton Community Kitchen and everyone here at

FRED-FM...thank you.