Friday, June 09, 2006


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Happy Birthday !!!

Today June 9, 2006 is the one year anniversary of the website. It has changed my life.

I created this website after the death of my father Owen Connnolly who proudly served 26 years in the Canadian Army Forces.

This website was built to try and make sense of his death. It was built to try and make sense of the premature deaths of my brother and sister and the illnesses of other family members.

I thought perhaps there were other people who lived at CFB Gagetown who might be interested and asking questions as well.

Never could I have imagined the numbers who are interested and have been harmed or affected by the spraying of deadly defoliants at CFB Gagetown New Brunswick.

As of today the website has received 1,471,924 "hits". Hits from around the world.....Canada, United States, Europe, Vietnam, Australia, the United Kingdom and elsewhere. The site has been a work in progress and continues to be one.

I have received literally thousands of emails. Not one email has ever criticized the aims of this website nor questioned that the truth is being told here.

Many who have lived at Gagetown have stepped forward and shared their stories, their pain and their fear.

Many who have been nowhere near Gagetown have stepped forward and shared their empathy, compassion and shock that Canada is the first nation in the world to spray its own people.

I have met many, many new friends, definitely a family :) Wonderful friends who have made me cry, laugh, scream in anger and most of all friends who have comforted me in my times of need.

I am referring to an amazing group of people who have made the government have to stop and explain its actions. A group that has formed a non-profit corporation dedicated to helping those harmed at CFB Gagetown and to educating the public.

A group dedicated to finding the truth.
A group dedicated to finding those responsible.
A group dedicated to making those responsible accountable.

I am very proud of the work that has been done and will be proud of the work that will be accomplished.

I am proud to stand beside the people who are searching for the truth. I am proud to call them my friends. I am so very proud to banded with those who WILL continue to DO THE RIGHT THING.

Art Connolly

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Pat said...

Wonder why they can't help people who worked sraying this chemical and then take a closer look if someone else had a great risk or not. Compensation should be made to those suffering.

Also I do wonder how many people who got special hunting licenses at Gagetown and ate moose and deer meat that definitely was exposed to this spraying and many share the meat with family and friends. Gardens with all their contaminated soil and berry picking and apple picking. This Agent Orange is still in the ground today. Denying it doesn't make it go away or help the dying!