Friday, June 09, 2006


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I'm stress out or just wired up but I must write a blog about this one. Stay tune,,,,


Pat said...

Reading the paper and all the lies and selfserving acticles have certainly angered me. We don't get any objective news for all people. I know that some people believe what they hear and read as the truth; Irving and big Corporations' spin on everything.

Everything in NB and Saint John has been a struggle far too long.

Big Corpration make millions and still that is not enough. How much more can we gouge them. It is sickening and disheartening.

Jailbait said...

Was that you Charles on the Live at 5 News tonight in Saint John getting pinned down by the cops re Atlantica protest???

Anonymous said...

charlie when you were laying on the ground crying like a girl i'm a blogger i'm a blogger you really didn't expect them to care did you? my god please. that was a sorry display.i was emabarassed just to watch probably will not let this go up on the site as it shows what a weenie you are but that is ok. you and i know the truth right?

Anonymous said...

Actually, the above only proves how petty the 'anonymous' poster is, and the fact Charles posted it shows just what low down creepy scum the writer is. Charles was hardly screaming like a girl, he was doing what all press is supposed to do, which is identify themselves. Of course in a backward province like NB we know that Irving decides who gets a press pass.

So nice try creep, perhaps it makes you feel like a 'big man' to try to talk down to somebody who has accomplished more in two years than you have in your pathetic little life sitting in front of your idiot box.

We're proud of you Charles, you behaved admirably, and the only ones to be ashamed are the police, but more specifically the legislature for refusing to grant your press pass. If they had, the whole incident wouldn't have taken place.

I know that the words of pathetic, shrill, 'girly screaming posters' don't bother you, and well they shouldn't. It's truly a mark of your character that you post their comments, when they don't deserve to be heard at all. Those people like Scott MacKay should be talking about posters like that who are the reason New Brunswick is a third world country- every time somebody does anything, their shrill nonsensical criticisms come out. Keep up the good work Charles!

Saint John City Police Supporter said...

Yeah Charlie :

What a weenie : Is it true you Wet Yourself when you were arrested.

I have a crying towel I can give you. Where were 1000 protesters ???

Pat said...

People who say these stupid comments behind this blog are really gutless. Good for Charles and all who stand for peoples rights. Nothing to appologize for. Still wonder why people try to take shots at people. Instead open your mind and try to help all people not just the wealthy and people with all the power. They are not your friends; they just want your money. We want our rights protected that is why we should hear their plans for a better life; not much to ask for.

Irony Police said...

Charles is not press. Stalking politicians, taking pictures of things and commenting about them on a blog is not equivalent to being press. If that were the case, there would be thousands of us who have blogs who could call ourselves press.

The irony is that he accuses the media of having bias but he is no different when he hangs out, plans, travels with, accompanies and openly supports protesters. If someone is protesting, just because they have a camera in hand doesn't automatically make the person an "innocent journalist."

Then there are his screams of racism. How many times do people have to remind him that just because his tongue is French, that does not mean he is a different race and it's not accurate to cry racism. Discrimination, sure, but not racism.

What happened to the "no more Anonymous comments" on this blog? It barely lasted a week.

Mr. Chris Norton said...

Oh Charles lets his fan club and Butt Kissers sign in Anonymous

Pat said...

The Irving paper is not real press either in fact Charles was not in the wrong and yess millionaires can do what they want and people like you turn on your own.

Thankyou to the people to try to question what is going on and bring facts out that the Irving ragg does not talk about. Good job Charles. These wind bags who have no back bone out get off the blog since it is all nonsence.

Hope we get some good pictures later when all of this came down and don't expect anything but a twisted version in the ragg paper.

Disappointing when good people just want to be treated fairly and we want to know if our rights will be protected. Too late when our rights are gone; now is the time to make sure we don't lose them.

People are so busy avoiding the truth and want to believe all will work out but in reality we are not important in the big picture of the billionaires and big corporations expect for paying taxes for them.

Pat said...

Very disappointed with news coverage in general any to spin people are crazy and the Irving's are so good. We really don't have news it is most pretty stories of their version. A lot of things are happening in NB but we get more blown up nonsence things then ever before. Nothing is ever solved to help all people in general with taxes, car insurance prices, gas prices-- oh yes hold on tight Fowlie will really put the screws to us soon. In two weeks they will let the prices rise over $1.20 and then Fowlie will freeze it. Irving and the greedy Fowlie will have a great laugh at our cost. What a joke on us. We want to pay a fair price and not more then most places-- Gouging at its finest. friends like them who needs enemies.

Irony Police said...

Pat: Let me guess, you probably think that everyone should be able to break the law whenever they feel like it, in the name of "protest"? If this protest had been held in a responsible, mature fashion instead of the way it was, there would have been no problem, no arrests.

Anonymous said...

To the above, I think last weekend proved how wrong you are.

Irony Police said...

On the contrary, last week's protest proved me right. It wasn't held in a responsible and mature way either. They were disobeying police orders. Jumping back into the street and obstructing traffic the second that the police are out of sight, is far from mature behaviour.

If these protesters can put so much energy into things and money into signs/banners/bandanas/transportation, why not focus it into something that will make a difference? Something that is guaranteed not to result in possible criminal charges if they get too worked up and caught up in the moment. There are worthy causes out there - United Way, Salvation Army, Soup Kitchen, Laubach Society, SPCA, Canadian Cancer Society, Healthy Blooms, etc. that can always use a helping hand or donation.