Wednesday, September 06, 2006


L-Free laptop
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L-Free laptop


Anonymous said...

Right! It is coming out of his pocket? It is the taxpayers who pays. Man will do anything to get votes.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the form anyways

mypoormemory said...

Its for the education of our students.
It is a computer chip world.

How can we complain about education,I can't believe it.

Complain about the mess,the ambulance system was left in.
Lord and the boys,along with the ambulance owners are trying to straighten that mess out also.

Which reminds me,does anyone know what happened to the million dollars that went missing from nb power back a few years ago.Everything has been deleted on it.?

Anonymous said...

You can get the form at the Premier's office, Fredericton. If they will let you in that is. You may need valid P.C. party membership card

Rivercap said...

A computer! sure don't mach the gift the tories gave the Empire.
VOTE IRVING, I mean Lord.

I demand to know said...

Do you only get one Charles if you're on the Welfare ?

Anonymous said...

I demand to know:

It depends on the mood of Bernie.

enavant said...

Liberals only idea?,to spend money on the already well looked after old foggies.
Bernard Lord:,The Future.
Make your choice

A Liberal source says party Leader Shawn Graham will commit to increased care for seniors in special-care homes in the province, with an emphasis in areas where seniors are waiting in hospital beds.

The plan includes efforts to improve accessibility to respite care at a cost of $1 million.

Premier Bernard Lord was to take his campaign to Oromocto Wednesday to announce a plan to create 2,000 new child-care spaces in the province, including 1,000 new infant child-care spaces.

The program will cost $4 million over four years and includes grants to help create more spaces in rural areas, and added training for child-care workers.

Anonymous said...

enavant, If you are Lord supporter then he does not need enemies. You were born to these old fogies and you are going to be there soon. Shame on you for being so disrespectful. Your friend is bending over backward to please “old fogies” and now you stated the real side of Cons and Lord.

oldfoggiesihavenone said...

You didn't know?
You can't please old foggies.
Its like the so called handicapped,give em a parking space and they think,they,their family,and their relatives run the whole parking lot.
And the REAL people,mothers with children,HA. Ever see a handicapped give a space to a mother carrying babies.ohyeh

Anonymous said...

enavant or oldfoggiesihavenone, you are not only offensive to old people you are offensive to handicapped too. You should run Bernie’s' campaign. At least you will be telling the truth by expressing your true feelings while Bernie continues to lie both on seniors and disabled. Bernie is playing champion for the rights of both.

phew said...

Does what your eyes see get filtered through a rose colored sock?

Anonymous said...

"rose colored sock" Yes some Lord supporter still see through rose colored sock of his. He is done. Face the reality.