Friday, September 15, 2006


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While giving out my prediction for the Provincial election? I got a little flashback.

I went back to the year of 1993.

It was the Federal election and guess what?

In those days, I was writing updates to a huge email list so you can say that I have been in this hobby for a very long time.

So I started a contest asking the people on my list to make a prediction on the Federal election?

I had around 30 people who replied to my email and guess who won???


Yes, the Premier of the day join in the contest.

This is the reason that I respected Frank McKenna so much.

He would reply to your email.

To make matter worst. I was watching the news on television and I saw Frank showing the media that he won the contest!!!

I laughed when I saw that.

So, look at this situation. I was working at the Shipyard and I was still writing those stupid updates in 1993.

Now we’re in 2006 and I’m still going the same hobby!!!

But in this case??? IT’S BLOGGING!!!!

I will post a contest Sunday and maybe everyone can post their predictions.

Hey? Maybe Frank McKenna reads this blog and he could join in also????

Who knows who reads this blog????


Anonymous said...

"So, look at this situation. I was working at the Shipyard and I was still writing those stupid updates in 1993."

You are right about the STUPID part. At least you acknowledge it.

Anonymous said...

For pete's sake start editing your comments before posting them Charles. People here like your blog, if we didn't we wouldn't come back. Do you think we want to read post as retarded as that one?? People like that don't deserve to be heard, there's no media in the world that would tolerate people writing constant insults about them. We don't want to hear them and wish the people would just drop dead. Nobody wants to hear from them Charles.

Anonymous said...

Smart Aleck 5 PM. Let him grow up. It is about time. He admits that his updates were stupid.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I wouldn't really call my old updates stupid but it was good for the people who enjoyed them.

The difference now is BLOGGING!!!!

You got pictures and everything.

Sure is a big difference from the old ways of sending out my views!

It's funny how people who hates my guts always come back to my site???

Anonymous said...

So you kow-tow to the one who gave the order to set the dogs on your relatives.
The same "it" that said "get rid of them",them being the tent city of toronto.(homeless).
Some people know,that a pat on the head,of some people works!

Anonymous said...

Thes people are not forced to come to the site. Just too bad we couldn't zap them to another blog and bug them.

Please vote and stop making excuses for Lord. Please we all want to see his long face. He ahs not care for our long faces when we struggle each day.