Friday, September 15, 2006

You again???

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Anonymous said...

Give him four years because we gave Lord 7 years too many.

No one knew Lord now we want him out cost us billions and we, our children, our grand children will have debts that Lord should have lokked after. Lawyers should know better. Lying is all we hear and blaming Liberals over eight years ago. Lord is not accountable or even a bit remorseful just arrogant.

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's give Shawn a chance.

Lord, unfortunately, although a lawyer, has no BUSINESS SENSE.

You do not spend hundreds of millions of dollars refurbishing an electrical generating station without a signed contract for fuel. Then he insists that NB Power spend more millions to sue Venezuela for failure to deliver. Let's just suppose NB wins the lawsuit. That should put fear into the heart of Hugo Chavez; he'll comply with that!

You do not give millions to the competition (the Molson Moncton plant) at the expense of local industry (Olands Saint John).

Problem with Lord is, he thinks he knows all so does not solicit advice from experts. Shawn is more of a team player

Vote For Charles said...

Lord was simply an unemployed lawyer before he became the premier. just goes to show anyone can be premier charles. maybe you should give it a go.

Anonymous said...

Education does not always guarantee common sense and the ability to use it.