Saturday, November 18, 2006


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While walking through the exhibition < Is that what you call it? > building this afternoon?

Someone shouted - Hey Charles??? I didn’t recognize the guy. < I get that often lately >

He told me his name was Trevor Doyle?

At first, I said - Trevor Doyle??? Trevor????

Then it hit me!!!! He’s the new host of the Trevor Doyle Live on Rogers!!!


As you know? I was cut off by Rogers television < Old Germany > from calling the politicians and the other show call Rich Crosby < UGH!! >

Picture 032

Anyway, I heard on the streets that Trevor was a nice guy.

You know what? He is a nice guy and I believe it’s time for me to put an end by calling Rogers television Old Germany.


I might one night phone the show and see what will happen? If I’m once again denied access to the talk show in a democratic system?

Well, we know what’s going to happen?

I’m glad that I met the guy because he’s truly a nice guy with an open mind.

P.S. I even suggested that if he ever wish to do a show on Blogging? I’ll be happy to appear on his show.

For the record I did appeared twice on the Rogers Talk show.



Anonymous said...

Charles, have you ever met Rich Crosby?

Charles LeBlanc said...


Anonymous said...

It may be a new show but the caller guidelines haven't changed.

If you try to call in to his show and intend to rant and rave about something that has NOTHING to do with the show's topic, guess what? You WON'T be put on air or if you lie and manage to get on air and then rant, they'll DROP your call. Be warned.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I always chatted about the topic in hand.

I never crossed the line on those talk shows.

Anonymous said...

Chucky gets along with anyone with a microphone or if they are people in authority such as big shots, celebrities or politicians until they don't agree with him; Then: The tone changes: "They should be investigated, tried, judged and hung because they are obviously wrong in this world and should be casted out...!" (Plus they should be stalked and blogged o death in their privatelifecause I got nothing else to contribute to !),,, and he has the solution to remedy all of their wrong doing...... Lets proclaim Charles: "King of the world!!!" (Famous Titanic Movie line.)...our saviour...aren't we lucky to have him amongst our mist... Tks for your contribution. Signed:
Anonymous contributor to Charles Personal Diary WebSite.,,I really should go to bed...

Anonymous said...

I always chatted about the topic in hand.

I never crossed the line on those talk shows.
# posted by Charles LeBlanc : 12:26 AM

I'm just telling you what's going to happen if you call their shows again. Plain and simple, rant and rave and they'll drop your call. If you behave in a calm, mature, rational fashion and ask relevant questions, your call won't be dropped.

By the way, did you ask the Rogers volunteer and the employee's permission before taking their photo and posting it here? Trevor obviously consented but it sure doesn't look like the others did. I'm pretty sure I already know the answer.

Anonymous said...

who cares its just a photo