Saturday, November 18, 2006


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How many poor people did this man put in Jail? A person who discriminate against the poor shouldn't be a police officer.


Anonymous said...

...and as an objective journalist that you claim you are, you would have evidence against this working man to back your allegation; please spell it out for the benefit of your readership...

Charles LeBlanc said...

I might be crazy but I'm not stupid.

Before I left the Police Station. John Parks raised his voice at me and said - DO YOU WORK????

I didn't know that in the eyes of the law that it matter if I work or not???

Anonymous said... before he arrested you he didn't know your social status i.e. whether you were rich or poor, worked or were unemployed...whether you financially contributed to society or benefited from it while i need...
Being poor is a state of mind, people in the majority of the the world are poor; you'r just broke till your next social assistance cheque comes in.
Like I asked earlier, what is it you found out through your journalistic interview that Officer Parks discriminated agaisnt you ? Please spell it out, he is a human being whom you are negatively labelling without proof right now. Totally unfair reporting !

Anonymous said...

If you did, maybe he would want to apologize for keeing you from your job.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Charles, you think you can say anything and get away with it. Maybe the best thing the court could do is take away yore computer and yore blog so you can't say stuff like this no more. Yore just shooting off.

Kira said...

I think Anonymous 8:49 is discriminating against the poor with that "poor until your next social assistance cheque" comment. I think he's siding with the cop because he seems to have some beef with people living outside the margins. Don't worry Charles, there are people who don't discriminate against people living off of a few hundred dollars a month. Unfortunately, they aren't usually cops or politicians ha!!

Anonymous said...

Response to : posted by Kira : 10:54 PM...
I have begged on the street for my next meal. I bet you haven't.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I believe we have short minded readers in this blog!

I know for a fact that John Parks didn't know I was on social assistance.

Now? The question is this? this very carefully.

Why did he asked me if I work?

Should it matter in the eyes of the law if a person works?

This is discrimination and this is one of the reasons there will be a public inquiry on my case.

You don't believe me?

As one of my heroes quoted- Just watch me!!!!

Anonymous said...

"people living outside the margins"
Please explain who you are referring to when you say: "people living outside the margins"; Who are those included in that margin of yours so I can better understand what you mean:
(assuming this cop is not within that margin since you seem to know him better than I do...)

Anonymous said...

He likely was asking because they would let you go if you did because they don't want to screw up some guys job.

This is good for your job (blogging), now you can harp on this.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I was leaving. I was going to be release when he asked me in a rude way- DO YOU WORK???

Once I told him that I didn't?


Next point????

Kira said...

Gawd, I hate "I was more homeless than you arguements", they never get anywhere. I never said that I was poor in my comment, did I? I'm certainly not living in the greatest conditions as a student, but no I've never had to beg for food. Your point? I think Charles brings up a pretty good point about the cop. I wasn't there when the cop said that and I don't know him. Assuming that what Charles' says is true, then this cop is a jerk.

Anonymous said...

Notice the THREE question marks and the sentence DOES HE DISCRIMINATE. That's a question, not a statement of fact.

Charles has never said he was an 'objective journalist'. As for evidence, there is plenty to at least raise the question.

In todays society there's enough reason to ask whether police discriminate against the poor, thats a problem in many places.

Being poor is not a state of mind, its a conditional state. Poor is not relative, just because somebody else may be worse off doesn't mean a person is not poor. When you haven't the means to provide basic necessities you are poor.

However, police don't discriminate the poor, so long as they behave themselves. When they are 'in their place' and don't make noise or be visible then there's no problem.

However, to be fair, this isn't just a police issue. Police are like soldiers, they get orders from superiors. During the Fredericton protest there was a person present who posted the story (this hasn't been verified though) that police weren't interfering in the protest or walk, until somebody came out of City Hall and spoke to them.

So there are two issues, the first is when police are forced to act, and thats a political matter, something not dealt with here very often. There should be a lobby against Fredericton City Council who were among the only ones in the country to make ALL panhandling illegal. Then police are forced to deal with it, but it isn't the police that are discriminating.

However, within the police force there are all kinds of issues. In Edmonton an officer was suspended for selling t shirts to officers saying "No Rats". It's interesting to note that police were originally more like social workers. They actually worked for the poor and found them jobs and housing. Now they are a militant force, and if anything, there should be far more openness and accountability. So good for charles for posting this and asking these questions.

These are extremely important issues, and that can't be understated. Contrary to what charles says, this has been going on for years, but the difference is that charles has a blog so it gets continuous coverage. Clearly we know the discrimination wasn't just at the jail but during the arrest, that's the whole point of the trial, that charles was singled out over others, which of course is the definition of discrimination.

However, that's not just the police, they don't press the charges, the government does that, this is very politically motivated and hopefully Charles won't keep giving the liberals a free ride.