Saturday, November 18, 2006


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Cindy Wilson/Telegraph-Journal The Grand Manan five- left to right- Michael Small, Matthew Lambert, Carter Foster, Greg Guthrie, Lloyd Bainbridge and their defe

Four out of five are in jail. Shouldn't they be release until the sentence? Maybe it's me that don't understand the Justice System?


Anonymous said...

I don't know about Lutz, but the guy in red for sure.

Just Passing said...

Come on Charles, for a man that went on so much about how he was posting the info about this trial before the "Irvings" you would think you could at least try and be accurate. In fact only two ( Small and Bainbridge ) were remanded in custody. The other two convicted were allowed to return to the Island until sentencing. You may not agree with any being held but at least get the facts straight. But I suppose to be fair your only a blogger so how important are facts anyway.

Anonymous said...

Drug dealers should be in jail too.
People were pushed in desperation. The burning is serious but not as bad as the lives lost to drugs!

Anonymous said...

Only two of them are in jail right now. Should they be? No. They're not a threat to anyone. I hope the judge gives them suspended sentences. I don't know what the minimums are for their crimes, but they did a huge service to the community. Now the drug dealer is in NS so they have to deal with him now.